75 things you need to pack for a holiday: the ultimate guide

Make sure you have these in your suitcase

Chloe Best

You've got your holiday booked and you've memorised the weather forecast for every hour you're there, so now there's just the small matter of what to pack – and how to fit it all into your suitcase! Whether you're jetting away for a family holiday, a trip with friends or a romantic break with your other half, we've done the hard part for you by compiling your need-to-know packing guide.

Travel documents:

These are the items you can't afford to travel without. Make sure you have your passport and various travel documents safe in your hand luggage. It’s also worth making a copy before you travel in case anything goes missing.

Valuables, tech and entertainment:

From the all-important phone and charger to your travel currency and camera, you're going to want to save plenty of room in your hand luggage for these valuables and entertainment. Make sure you take an appropriate plug adaptor for your destination, and download some of your favourite films or TV shows to watch on the flight if you have a long journey. Picking up a phrase book or travel guide to the country you're visiting will prove invaluable in helping you to find your way around and impress the locals with your lingo – or at least try.


Discover your ultimate guide to holiday packing

These are the essentials you can't forget in your hand luggage or suitcase:

1) Passport

2) Insurance documents

3) Boarding pass

4) Visa documents

5) Any other holiday documentation

6) Driving licence

7) Phone

8) Phone charger

9) Plug adaptors

10) Purse and travel money

11) Keys

12) Laptop or tablet

13) Charger for laptop

14) Headphones

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15) Camera

16) Camera charger

17) Portable phone charger

18) Pen and notebook

19) Books or magazines

20) Phrase book or travel guide to country you're visiting

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These essentials will help to make your journey more comfortable, and will also come in handy once you arrive. Save money (and single-use plastic) by taking your own refillable water bottle that you can fill up after passing through security, and don't forget your sunglasses if you're travelling somewhere hot.

21) Refillable water bottle

22) Glasses or contact lenses

23) Sunglasses

24) Tissues

25) Antibacterial hand gel

26) Wet wipes

27) Any medication you need (plus prescription)

28) A sealable clear plastic bag for any toiletries

29) Hand cream (under 100ml)

30) Moisturiser (under 100ml)

31) Sleep kit for longer flights with eye mask, ear plugs and travel pillow

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If travelling with children:

Keep little ones comfortable and entertained on your travels with snacks, toys and games. Don't forget a spare change of clothes for the journey, as well as any nappies, wet wipes and medication you may need.

32) Change of clothes for the journey

33) Nappies/ underwear

34) Wet wipes

35) Snacks and enough baby food/ milk for the journey

36) Medication

37) Dummies or comforters

38) Toys, games or books

39) Clothes

40) Sun hat

Hold Luggage:


It goes without saying that you're going to want to pack beachwear, swimwear and lots of sun cream if you're going somewhere hot. Make sure you take enough sun cream and after sun to see you through at least the first few days, and pack bug repellent, antiseptic cream and a first aid kit to keep your family happy and healthy throughout your trip.

While you can pick up many toiletries and emergency supplies close to most resorts, taking your own will give you peace of mind that you have everything you need on hand, while saving valuable time to enjoy by the pool or on the beach. Fingers crossed everything will be perfect on your trip, but it’s important to prepare for all eventualities – from packing an umbrella for any sudden downpours to taking a small sewing kit for any clothing malfunctions.

41) First aid kit

42) Toothbrush

43) Toothpaste

44) Mouthwash

45) Dental floss

46) Face and body lotion

47) Cleanser

48) Deodorant

49) Perfume

50) Bug repellent

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51) Antiseptic cream

52) Shampoo and Conditioner

53) Hair styling products

54) Hair brush

55) Hair bobbles

56) Hair dryer

57) Hair straighteners or curlers

58) Makeup

59) Sun cream

60) After sun

61) Razor

62) Umbrella

63) Spare plastic bags for laundry

64) Mini sewing kit

65) Sewing kit

66) Underwear

67) Pyjamas

68) Handbag

69) Beach bag

70) Sandals and trainers

71) Swimwear

72) Jewellery and accessories

73) Beach towel

74) Clothes

75) Hat