Six of the best: Fake tans

With festival goers like Audrina Partridge and models Ireland Baldwin and Alessandra Ambrosio getting their glow on at Coachella, we can't help but be a little bit envious of their flawless sunkissed skin.

This year, tanning is all about aiming for a natural and healthy colour to help you look and feel beautiful all summer long. So, to banish streaks and achieve a honey golden glow, take a look at our top tanning tips and six of the best high-street product picks…




1. Preparation

Not only does regular exfoliation do wonders for circulation but it also helps to lift dead skin cells and banish dry patches to reveal revitalised and ready-to-tan skin.

This will also make your tan last longer and ensure that colour can be spread evenly all over your body. Although it's great to exfoliate or use a body brush once a day, take the time to do a proper scrub 24 hours before you plan to tan and pay extra attention to the elbows, knees, hands and feet which tend to be the drier areas.

2. Moisturise

It's important to apply moisturiser before and after you apply fake tan to keep colour lasting as long as possible. But avoid any body oils or oil-based moisturisers. Oils break down the colour agent in tanning products and can also act as a barrier against the tan adhering to skin.

3. Protect

Wearing a tanning mitt or latex gloves great way to apply colour evenly and prevent the palms of your hands turning orange. Similarly cover your feet and stand on a towel if using a spray tan as the colour can sometime catch underneath your feet.

To avoid tell-tale signs of tan, be extra wary of areas where colour tends to stain such as between your fingers, around the elbows or around the hairline. A simple trick to prevent colour from straying into unwanted areas is to apply vaseline on these delicate spots.

4. Application

Start from either the top or bottom and work systematically across your body doing large sections of your body in one go first such as your limbs, stomach or back.

If you're an amateur tanner then you needn't worry about streaks. Just think carefully about the type of product you opt for. For example, a gradual tanner – a mix of body lotion and sunless tanning agents – contains less DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and is the least likely to end up with blotchy results.

More complicated areas to tan tend to be the feet, ankles, hands and neck. Without applying anymore product onto your tanning mitt use the excess to give these areas a lighter glow that won't build up.

When tanning your face, it's best to opt for a formula that is less harsh in DHA's. There are many face-specific tanners, just click on our full fake tan gallery below to find out which is our favourite.

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