Mrs Hinch shares never-before-seen photos from her home renovation

We've never seen her house so untidy

Chloe Best

Mrs Hinch has become known for her pristine house decorated entirely in muted shades of white and grey throughout – but it hasn't always been that way! The cleaning influencer opened her personal photo albums to share a never-before-seen look at her home renovation in progress, and we can't believe how different it looks.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Sophie reflected on the building work, admitting: "I just can't believe it looked like this." And neither can we. One photo showed the plot of Sophie's house ready to be built, with stacks of bricks and building equipment on the ground.

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Mrs Hinch shared a look back at her home renovation and wedding photos

Meanwhile, another revealed the living room as an empty shell before it had been finished and decorated as it is now. "Anyone having reno work done right now I promise you it'll be so worth it," she captioned the post.

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Sophie and her husband Jamie have had extensive renovation work completed at their Essex home, after deciding to build an extension last summer. Not only has it meant they have benefitted from a gorgeous new master suite, but also a more spacious living room and dining room, which is now connected to the kitchen after they had an adjoining wall knocked down.


Mrs Hinch's dining room was moved as a result of her home extension

The 30-year-old's look back through her photo albums also showed some of the breathtaking photos from her wedding to Jamie in 2018. One black-and-white snap showed the couple holding hands at the altar as they said their wedding vows, with Sophie telling her 3.5 million followers: "This is when we were saying our vows. The dress weighed a tonne but I loved it. First and last dress that's ever made me feel that way!

"One day I'm determined to wear a big dress again even if I'm just sat in the lounge. Imagine! Watch this space." Perhaps she's been taking inspiration from the likes of Amanda Holden and Lisa Faulkner, who have both recently donned their wedding dresses to do the housework.

Meanwhile, a second showed the pair posing in window frames at their wedding venue after the ceremony, with Sophie adding: "I still can't get my head round this being me and Jamie. It is us but it's so glam isn't it!"

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