Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals the surprising accessory she keeps in her home – and you'll never guess what it is

The star revealed never-before-known facts during an Instagram Q&A with fans

Andrea Caamano

Catherine Zeta-Jones delighted fans with a Q&A over on her Instagram on Thursday and in it she revealed never-before-known facts, such as her favourite travel item, what she misses most about her native Wales and even what her go-to makeup product is.

One of the questions, however, was what her go-to karaoke song was, prompting the actress to confess that she has a karaoke machine in her house and likes to sing to Adele and Alicia Keys.

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"I love karaoke, I have a karaoke machine at my house, always had a karaoke machine," she said in a video filmed inside her stunning living room.

"I love singing boy songs, girl songs, Neil Diamond… I love singing Send in the Clowns which I sang for nine months on Broadway in A Little Night Music. You'd think I'd be sick of it but I'm not, I always sing that. I sing a little Adele, a little Alicia Keys..."

She added: "I like to play along whilst I'm karaoke-ing on my piano. I just love karaoke."


Catherine and her family have been self-isolating at their New York home

The 50-year-old then went on to explain how she met her husband of 19 years, actor Michael Douglas.

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"I met Michael at the Deauville Film Festival in France, when we were speaking French. I was promoting Zorro, he was promoting a movie and we met, and then we really didn't meet again until nine months later but we corresponded in letters and over the phone. So, old school. It was very nice, very nice courting time," she explained.

"And then we got together and then we got married really quick and had babies, so it's 20 years," she added.

Catherine and Michael, married on 18 November 2000, just three months after the couple welcomed their first son, Dylan. Three years later, in 2003, they welcomed their daughter, Carys.