Charles Spencer shocks fans with video of storm aftermath at Althorp House

Princess Diana's brother shared the clip on Twitter

Jenni McKnight

Charles Spencer shocked fans after sharing a video of his garden at Althorp House following a storm on Wednesday night.

Princess Diana's brother revealed the aftermath on Twitter, sharing a clip of a large number of broken tree branches and trunks scattered across the spacious grounds.

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"Big storm last night - an awful lot of debris wherever I look," the 56-year-old captioned the clip.

Fans were quick to comment on the damage, with one writing: "Can’t like this message! Good luck cleaning up and let’s hope further damage will not take place!"

Another wrote: "Wow! A very dangerous storm by the looks of it!" A third added: "How awful. Hope no one was hurt."

Charles Spencer revealed the damage to his garden after a storm

It's not the first time Charles' stately home has been affected by bad weather. Last month, he shared a photo of a tornado at Althorp House.

Sharing the surprising picture, he told his fans: "Tornado in the Park at @AlthorpHouse today - photographed by Tim Lemon." Charles' followers were shocked by the snap, with one writing: "Wow..!!! That's scary Charles. Hope all is well & that you are all fine."

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Charles Spencer often shares glimpses at the impressive grounds of his property

Charles often shares a look inside the home on social media, and recently he revealed an eerie video of the gardens that surround it.

As he showed off the extensive lawn on Twitter, Charles wrote, "At the back of the park at @AlthorpHouse – this is where the ancient settlement of 'Ulla's Drop' was, that gave "Althorp" its name. It was apparently wiped out in the 1340s, by the Black Death. You can see shapes on the ground where the medieval houses once stood."

Charles has also shown off the gardens of the home, which span a jaw-dropping 550 acres. He recently posted a photo of endless bushes of blooming lilac lavender framing a set of concrete steps that lead up to another area of lawn, surrounded by concrete walls and plinths.

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