Sarah Beeny's former 97-room home is so magical it's a wedding venue - photos

The Sarah Beeny's New Life In The Country star previously lived at Rise Hall

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Sarah Beeny's TV show, Sarah Beeny's New Life In The Country charts her move from London to the Somerset countryside, but when her family had their main base in the capital, they also had a second home in Hull.

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The property developer bought Rise Hall with her husband and artist Graham Swift in 2001, after he convinced her they should have it. "It was his dream really. Graham has dreams and I make them happen," she told the Yorkshire Post.

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It featured on her 2010 TV series, Beeny's Restoration Nightmare, but when Sarah sold up in 2019, she explained that it wasn't all negative: "It wasn’t as bad as it appeared on TV. It's been an amazing journey and it took a lot of energy, but we love the house and we are leaving with a lot of magical memories."

The Grade-II listed property features a total of 97 rooms and 30 acres, and cost Sarah and Graham £435,000. Nonetheless, while the cost may seem small for its size, it came with endless problems including a leaking roof, mould and 149 rotting windows.

Sarah and Graham used it as their second home, as well as a wedding venue, and it was sold to the owners of Dine, an event and wedding company.

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It was when they decided to take on an even bigger renovation in Somerset (to be closer to their elderly relatives) that they put Rise Hall up for sale.

"Somerset is a long way from Rise, even further than London was," Sarah said in her interview with the Yorkshire Post. "And we have the new project, so we thought the time was right to sell."

Now, Sarah, Graham and their four sons are in the process of transforming their 220-acre sheep farm in Somerset into their family home. "We've moved because we wanted a whole new way of life," she told HELLO! Magazine. "It feels like a new exciting chapter is beginning."

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