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7 easy ways to keep your house bug free all year round

Repel those pests

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Rachel Avery
Rachel AveryHomes Editor
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No matter the time of year, pests are always a potential problem in your home. In summer, you'll have to deal with mosquitoes and wasps while winter can draw in creepy crawlies like spiders. Here's how to repel those insects and keep your home bug-free.

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Most common house insects & bugs and how to get rid of them

There are pesky animals that we like to keep out of our homes, and the list includes spiders, ants, slugs, moths and cockroaches and one of the main ways to keep your house bug free is to keep it nice and clean, but there are also lots of other clever tips to try...

Use smells to repel bugs

Spiders especially tend to stay away from strong scents so using peppermint oil or a lavender-scented item in the corner of your room could keep those eight-legged creatures away.

lavender oil

Miaroma lavender oil, £7, Holland & Barrett


Add screens in the summer to protect from bugs

When it's mid-summer and you've opened all your windows and doors to let some fresh air in, you’ll also be inviting in flying and crawling pests. Consider investing in screens to block out any unwanted house guests. You can even try a no-fuss budget solution like Amazon's top-rated, easy-to-install magnetic screen door.

amazon best rated magnetic screen door

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door, was £29.99 now £14.99, Amazon


Light a candle to keep bugs away

Candles are of course a source of light and they add a magical atmosphere but if you buy a citronella candle it will also serve a third purpose - keeping mosquitoes and wasps away!


Citronella candle, £21, Anthropologie


Invest in a bug remover

If you're really opposed to having house bugs, you'll probably want them out as soon as they are spotted. Try a vacuum-style tool which picks them up without a fuss.

spider catcher

Spider catcher, £12.99, Lakeland


Fill cracks to stop bugs from getting in

Any cracks or holes in your walls or floors are potential doorways for unwelcome visitors, so fill them up as soon as you spy them.

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Seal your food to deter bugs

Bugs are tempted in by the warm but also by food so you can ensure that your house is less appealing to them by keeping your food in air-tight containers.

containers john lewis

Anyday containers (5 pack), £30, John Lewis


Don’t forget outside maintenance to repel bugs

When bug-proofing your home, it's also really important to look at the outside of the house too. Clear your guttering, clean your windowsills, and fill any gaps to ensure house bugs are kept at bay.

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