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Buckingham Palace has had a winter makeover – and it looks magical!

So charming!

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Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Snow has swept across the country, transforming our homes into winter wonderlands – even Buckingham Palace has had a winter makeover.

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Following a snowstorm on Sunday night, London has been left under a blanket of white, with the Royal Collection Trust, a charity that looks after the royal family's various residences, sharing a photo of Buckingham Place.

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The photo shows the King's imposing home dusted in snow, simply captioned: "Buckingham Palace in the snow this morning."

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Followers of the account were delighted with the festive photo, sharing heart emojis alongside the snap.

Whoever is currently inside the palace is certainly attempting to keep it warm, with smoke puffing out of the lefthand chimney, presumably from a roaring fire, warming the house.

Buckingham Palace in the snow in 2022 © Photo: Twitter

Buckingham Palace dusted in snow in 2022

While it is customary for the monarch to live at Buckingham Palace, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla are yet to make the move.

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The King currently resides at Clarence House in London and his plans to move to Buckingham Palace have been brought under question.

Buckingham Palace in the snow with people playing in front of it © Photo: Getty Images

Snowy Buckingham Palace in 2009

The Sun recently reported that the monarch will remain living at his original London home three days a week, with visits to Windsor Castle two days a week and weekends reserved for Norfolk, while The Sunday Times expresses doubts about King Charles' relocation.

In September, HELLO!'s royal editor, Emily Nash, had it on good grounds that the royal would be moving into the palace in spring 2023. She reported: "Other arrangements the King is making include decisions on the royal residences – he will remain at Clarence House before eventually moving into Buckingham Palace after the partial completion of reservicing work next spring."

So, what's changed? Perhaps the potential U-turn is because of the major works taking place at the palace.

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The ten-year project is not expected to be finished until 2027 and the Sun report suggests that the King and Queen consort won't move into Buckingham Palace until then.

The extensive works at Buckingham Palace include updating the electrical cabling, plumbing and heating, at an estimated cost of a staggering £369million. The palace continues to be used for official duties and events, though, and is where King Charles hosted a reception for state leaders on the evening before the Queen's funeral.

King Charles is clearly very fond of his current residence, Clarence House, as it's where he and Camilla have spent almost 20 years together, and it's also where he lived as a child before moving into the palace. Clarence House used to be home to the late Queen Mother, and it is believed that the King has kept some of the original décor in the building as a homage to his beloved grandmother.

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