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Inside Brad Pitt's eye-watering $72 million real estate portfolio as he rakes massive profits

The Fight Club actor is estimated to have made over $30million in 2023

Brad Pitt smiling in green jacket
Faye James
Senior Editor
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's high-profile divorce has captured Hollywood's attention, not just for its personal drama but also for the significant real estate transactions involved. Brad, known for his roles in "Fight Club" and other blockbusters, has emerged as a savvy property investor, particularly in the aftermath of their split.

The actor's real estate portfolio is impressive, with deals totaling around $72 million. 

In a significant move, Brad acquired three studios from his friend, British sculptor Thomas Houseago, in the trendy Frogtown neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

This area, once industrial, has become a haven for the arts community. His first purchase in April for $4,095,000 comprised side-by-side parcels, followed by a $2,933,500 acquisition in March 2021 for a vintage building across the street. He financed this with a $2 million mortgage from City National Bank.

Brad's knack for real estate was evident when he sold his family compound for a whopping $33 million in 2023. Having initially purchased the 6,700 square-foot mansion from Cassandra Peterson over three decades ago for $1.7 million, he's churned a substantial 1,840% profit. 

Brad Pitt enters the paddock during the F1 Grand Prix of Las Vegas© Kym Illman
Brad Pitt has a property portfolio worth 72million

He began assembling this estate in 1994, eventually expanding it to include five houses. This private haven, complete with a skate park, secret cave, and three swimming pools, was where Brad and Angelina raised their six children.

His property prowess doesn't stop there. In July 2022, he purchased 'Seaward,' the former home of American author D.L. James in Carmel, California, for $40 million, paying the full amount without a mortgage. This luxurious residential property further bolstered his impressive portfolio.

Outside Brad Pitt's home in LA© Getty
Outside Brad Pitt's home in LA

Angelina, on the other hand, faced financial challenges post-separation. When she sought to purchase Cecil B. DeMille's mansion for $24.5 million, Brad loaned her $8 million, to be repaid with interest. 

She also had to secure a $17.15 million mortgage with Comerica Bank. Amidst their divorce proceedings, Angelina accused Brad of not providing "meaningful child support," a claim he contested by stating he had paid over $9 million. Her lawyer clarified that most of this amount was a loan, not child support.

One of Brad Pitt's properties in New Orleans© Interluxe Auctions
One of Brad Pitt's properties in New Orleans

Their legal battles extend beyond their personal lives to their joint business ventures, such as the French vineyard Miraval. 

Purchased for $60 million in 2011, this 35-room, 1,000-acre estate is now central to their disputes. Brad was reportedly surprised when Angelina secretly sold her 50% stake to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler, sparking further legal contention.

5 jennifer aniston brad pitt beverly hills home
One of Brad's properties in Beverly Hills

In 2023, Brad netted around $31.3million which among celebrity real estate investors, was second only to Mark Wahlberg, who sold his Southern California mega-mansion for $55 million, making a significant profit of $46.7 million. 

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