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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Monday 17th April to 23th 2023

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Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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As Thursday's eclipsed New Moon in your own sign feels like plugging into the power grid you can use your own resources to overcome any challenges. An inner knowing is your cue to activate a new chapter of your life. Take your time as Mercury's reverse gear from Friday means you have time to prepare properly.  


Just before Taurus season begins on Thursday a powerful solar eclipse pings you a message to say it's going to be a big one! A chance to re-direct your energies into what you truthfully believe in, rather than going through the motions. Mercury switches to reverse gear in your sign on Friday – a chance to re-orient and work out your best route.


It seems an endeavour involving both yourself and others is reaching a crunch point. It's vital to know if those around you are fully in or out. Are you all on the same page?  Even if Mercury is about to move retrograde and details are sketchy it’s helpful to know that you're at least all in this together.  


Much as you would like to proceed with a grand plan, there are inevitably going to be multiple versions of it to mull over as Mercury slows to retrograde on Friday. Far from being a waste of time, what you garner from exploring all the options will be of great benefit in the long run. Helping you avoid mistakes and aim for the top.


Whilst you like to lead from the front, the powerful energy of this week’s solar eclipse followed by Mercury's change of direction means that certain revisions need to be made. New elements are coming into the mix, especially when it comes to long term goals. These are exciting and require due consideration.


Whatever external factors are coming into play which appear to rubber-stamp an arrangement, be aware that Mercury is about to move into reverse gear. For this reason you need to go slow and do your favourite thing of attending to the details before plunging full-steam ahead.  


A solar eclipse in your opposite sign of Aries is likely to bring a certain person to your attention. Whether their influence is potently positive or quite the reverse, do not allow them to obscure your own light but use this time as an opportunity and a catalyst to step into your power.  


You're arriving at a very important juncture in your life. Between this week's solar eclipse and the Scorpio eclipsed Full Moon on May 5th a ripple of dynamic change will alter your outlook and power base. For this reason, reach out to those who appreciate your gifts and qualities. They need you.


Even if you think you've got it all worked out it would be best to prepare for the changes induced by upcoming eclipses and Mercury's retrograde motion. In fact, what transpires could be better than anything you've yet dreamt up. Give yourself some time and space to work with it.


As this week’s cosmic chord is primarily a change of pace and mood, you can adjust your tempo accordingly. Feeling settled within is not about all the external factors which seem to continually re-arrange themselves, rather it's about your own capacity to remain calm in all things.  


What’s been emerging ever since Pluto entered your sign on March 23rd is a drop of internal truth that can be used as your guiding force even if you can't quite work out the lay of the land. Your instincts are spot on. Especially when others are spouting all sorts of counter theories that you know don't make any sense.


If you could wave a magic wand you would probably place yourself in a new setting at this point. However, you can make a change in your mindset that makes everything appear different even if the externals look the same. Be the change you seek and you'll find the world looks more interesting.