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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 27th March to 2nd April 2023

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Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
March 27, 2023
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Flying high is your preferred mode of travel through life and as Mercury connects with progressive Jupiter this week there's every chance you'll be zooming ahead. A financial decision feels as if it's being sprung on you. Even so, you're one step ahead as your gut instincts have been telling you what to do for quite some time.


Somewhere in the background your guardian angels are working overtime on your behalf and you might get an inkling that good things are taking place behind the scenes. In the meantime, ready yourself to be able to move quickly in response to what is shifting and changing in your life.


As other people are right behind you when it comes to a whole raft of possibilities and bright ideas you're receiving a great sense of collaboration and connection. However, as Venus meets with the revolutionary planet Uranus this week there are unforeseen circumstances that require an ingenious approach. This is where you come in!


Try as you might to keep within your comfort zone, events themselves are winkling you out of your shell. Surprisingly, things may go a lot better than you expected and you'll discover that your fears are entirely unjustified. You have people on your side, supporting you and appreciative of all you have to offer.


You're at that stage where it’s impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. So why not embrace the new ideas and changes that are changing the fabric of your life. It’s a chance to leave behind some things that you have struggled with for a long time and to re-direct your energies to a more deserving cause.


For once there seems to be a positive drive towards mutual collaboration that will stand to benefit both parties. Of course, being a naturally circumspect Virgo you might want to wait to receive proof of the pudding. However, it’s encouraging to see signs of growth. Even if something about it is entirely unexpected.


Reading people’s minds is far beyond your remit. However, you do tend to tune into others and come up with ways to please them. So Mercury’s alignment with Jupiter in the relationship angle of your chart is a big plus when it comes to compatibility and communication. It seems you’re right there at the right time.


Positive developments in the work and well-being angle of your chart are feeding you with the feel-good-factor this week. Yet there’s also the quick-fire connection of Venus and Uranus which requires rapid responses or even instant results. You’ll need to think on your feet but the excitement carries you with it.


If you were left to your own devices this would be a week of playful interactions that enable you to fire off your arrows to your heart’s content. Indeed, there are some wonderful connections but also a need to jump into action as far as the mechanics of production are concerned.


Having something to look forward to is all part of the mountain climb and as Mercury meets with celebratory Jupiter it seems there’s something on your horizon which is both heart- warming and happiness inducing. Yet more change is on its way which has the capacity to delight and thrill you in different ways.


Diving into projects that fill you with enthusiasm is second nature to you. Yet you’re really prepared to take a radical approach this time. For many water bearers what comes up will give you a chance to re-invent yourself or explore new dimensions of life that are both appealing and refreshing.


If you’ve been waiting for a sign or signal to move on then here it comes. A discussion provides a confidence boost and food for thought. Then it’s over to you to disentangle yourself from those things that keep you trapped in any way, shape or form. Release and freedom are yours if you are ready to make the leap.

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