Venus in retrograde: how will your star sign and love life be affected?

The love goddess is changing direction…

Debbie Frank

Every 18 months Venus, the planet associated with love, money, values and beauty flips direction and high tails it backwards through the heavens in her stilettoes. We are familiar with Mercury retrograde's irritating habit of cancellations, lost items and technological hitches. But what of Venus's reverse thrust? Does this mean our love life will wobble and we might experience a break-up, being ghosted, or perhaps receive a visitation from 'the one that got away?'

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All of the above are perfectly possible when the love goddess changes direction. Aphrodite can be capricious – she is not just the Botticelli beauty but the goddess who started the Trojan War. Besides, which she is currently in the sign of Gemini – the most flirtatious and double handed sign of them all. So we might get that feeling of duality in relationships, the switching on and off, wondering if someone is really there for us, or if we are dealing with the other twin! Will you disappear into the Venus vortex during retrograde which takes us through to 25 June? See below for astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank's reading...


Mixed messages abound, people change their minds… keep your communication clear and simple. (Although you may not know what you want!)


Think carefully before committing your heart or your money when Venus is retrograde. That big ticket item may need to be returned.


You'll juggle everyone. Beware two-timing in the love department. Maybe you're just flirting, but Venus in Gemini is temptation….


Someone could do a disappearing act and then re-appear in July. By which time… you know that crabs walk sideways?


Friendship and love are merging so someone's position in your life could come forwards or recede backwards.


You're re-thinking what you're doing in the outside world which involves important relationships. For many Virgos this means a stand-off or stand back situation whilst you assess it.


Remember that holiday romance? Could be a re-appearance as Venus sashays through your zone of foreign climes. La Dolce Vita returns.


Passion and money are your speciality subjects. So when Venus locks down in this department you're opening up ears and bank accounts.


The state of play in your love life is reaching an interesting punctuation mark. Is it just a question mark or a full stop? You're looking backwards.


You're being drawn back to an old look, an old format, or even an old job. Not to mention the past love scenario. Ever wondered what happened to him or her. You will soon find out.


It's play-time as you pick up again on your love of life, your previous love interest, or your ex, ex, ex. You're only looking though…


Childhood nostalgia has you in its grip as you yearn for a walk down memory lane. Pieces of your past come back to haunt you and before you know it you're flipping through those old photos again.

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