Your weekly horoscope revealed for 1 to 7 June

Check out your horoscope during this period of self-isolation

Debbie Frank

While we continue life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you during this period of self-isolation, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


Having to make constant re-adjustments is not your idea of fun, but there's a backdrop of uncertainty. Nonetheless, you're pushing ahead this week with some of your plans and projects as the lunar eclipse builds to a crescendo on Friday. The very fact that you've discussed things and tweaked them constantly means that you're in a very good place to get them over the line now.


You're a great one for settling down and enjoying the simple things in life. Yet unless you've already achieved Buddah status there have recently been unsettling issues floating around in the back of your mind. The Sun's positive union with Venus midweek is reassuring in terms of affirming your value. Yet you're not in island and therefore other people's position affects your financial and emotional picture on Friday.


Venus's reversal through your sign has unpeeled many layers in terms of relationships and your own take on what matters in life. So when the Sun and Venus meet in Gemini on Wednesday you'll be ready to come from a place of insight. Yet the upcoming lunar eclipse on the partnership angle of your chart on Friday means someone else is a key player on your mind and wish list.


If you've found yourself in reverie lately, put it down to Venus and the Sun in the most psychic and reflective portion of your chart. What you've been pondering on is about to add up to an enormous Aha! Friday's eclipsed Full Moon encourages you to put this into practice now which means pushing through with positive developments and releasing what has been draining your energy.


With the emphasis firmly on friends and associates, not to mention your own love of life itself it seems you're itching to express your Leo colour and style. The joyful union of the Sun and Venus preps you to open yourself up. This is followed by a uber-intense lunar eclipse in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius which does everything possible to release you from passivity and let the good times roll.


You have goals in mind that are perfectly precise in your typical Virgo style. Yet life itself seems to have tied you up in knots and made the manifestation rather more difficult than you envisioned. You do get a green light this week, which reassures you that all is not lost. Yet the rising emotional temperature due to the high impact lunar eclipse on Friday makes it necessary to remain as cool as possible.


You can be as neutral as Switzerland when it comes to getting drawn into various disputes. Yet you'll find the energies of this week inevitably cause you to take sides or to reveal rather more of your own desires than usual. This may not be a bad thing at all, as others really need to know where you stand. Telling them is both revelatory and a relief.


Usually you play your cards close to your chest, preferring to see what others are up to before revealing your own position. Yet, the swift pace of this week's energy means you are likely to make a move that is decisive and powerful. It will go a long way towards re-dressing the balance in your finances and self-esteem.


The one and only Full Moon in your sign this year is a lunar eclipse which forms a highly charged configuration of dynamic energy. Therefore you're absolutely ready to engage with others, say your piece, do your thing and prompt a vital change. You may kick-off a whirlwind in the process, but you feel you must be true to yourself.


The eclipse energy of this week is hardly peaceful. You witness everything coming out of the woodwork, but would do well to stand on the side-lines. After all, people will need you to pick up the pieces and your common sense will be in demand. Getting drawn into the drama doesn't do you any favours.


Usually you would be the first to get with the programme and make merry with the celestial serotonin. Yet serious Saturn still occupies your sign in June and you're adopting a more cautious approach. Whilst others are acting out and sparks are flying, you are exercising your Aquarian psychological distancing technique!


You're feeling really fired up with Mars in your sign which is centre stage during Friday's eclipsed Full Moon. It is one of those times when you're involved with a situation that is highly complex and contentious. Pisceans love to be peaceful. Yet this week you're more likely to identify with the Piranha than the Angel Fish.

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