Triple eclipses in June and July: how will your star sign be affected?

Eclipses have had an effect on the royal family in the past…

Debbie Frank

Eclipsed Full Moons and New Moons are renowned for being epic game-changers. The eerie solar eclipse is an eclipsed New Moon, when the Moon is between the earth and Sun thereby blocking some or all of the light, and has fascinated humanity since ancient times. It was seen as the marriage of the Sun and Moon as the two celestial bodies joined in union or in Chinese philosophy, the dragon devoured the Sun. Always considered a potentially dangerous time, emperors would temporarily abdicate and put an incumbent on the throne during eclipse time and archers were instructed to fire arrows at the eclipse to ward off its potentially ill-effects. The lunar eclipse (eclipsed Full Moon) is when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon which was deemed even more malefic as dark and shadow forces were thought to be released into the world.

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Read on to see how your star sign will be affected...

In today's astrology, eclipses are still thought to be times of powerful transition, especially for royalty and those in positions of authority. Interestingly, significant events within our royal family have an uncanny resonance with eclipses. Prince Charles and Princess Diana married on one, both Prince William and Kate Middleton were born on one, Princess Diana died on one and Prince Charles married Camilla on one. Our most recent eclipse was 10 January 2020 which coincided with the shockwave announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan stepping down from royal life.

The fifth of June begins an eclipse season with a lunar eclipse on Friday, followed by a total solar eclipse on 21 June and a further lunar eclipse on 5 July. So what does it mean for you?

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You're re-orienting yourself in terms of travel, family and career - where do you want to go and what do you wish to achieve?


Financial arrangements need to be finalised before you feel comfortable making any kind of plan to move forward.


Friday's eclipse is a clincher for relationships. Then you move onto money matters.


The total eclipse in Cancer on 21 June marks a major re-branding for your life, followed two weeks later by relationship decisions.


Fun and frolic in early June segues into a desire for inner peace and then focusing on what works for you.


Family first followed by more scope to mix and mingle.


Put your message out there if you want to make it big in June.


Your earning power is connected to new horizons and platforms.


Friday's eclipse in your sign is a stunner! You're highly charged and pushing the envelope. Then you're into financial negotiations.


Bide your time until 21 June, when someone has an opening for you. Big decisions on 5 July.


The group is discordant in early June. So you decide to do it your way.


Get it off the ground on Friday, then let your network help you build.

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