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Debbie Frank

While we continue life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you during this period of self-isolation, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


Mercury's change of direction means you're hesitating about various moves you could make on the home front. The switch on/off energy of the retrograde interrupts plans, yet gives you other options. Biding your time would be the safe thing to do. Besides which, next Sunday's powerful total eclipse lifts things to a whole new level.


Learning to live with variables is your new normal. Actually, you're becoming surprisingly good at it, as the revolutionary planet Uranus is pulsing you with adaptability. Yet Mercury's reversal through the heavens is just plain irritating! Being patient is fortunately your stock in trade.


Whenever Mercury aka the messenger of the gods and also your ruling planet turns retrograde you experience that Geminian rush of duality. Your multi-dimensional take on life starts spinning in opposite directions, jolting between fast and slow. These are strange times indeed. Just watch it unfold for sheer entertainment value.


Bright lights overhead in the form of the annual Summer Solstice, heralding the start of Cancer season and immediately followed by a total solar eclipse in your sign. This is your moment. Take a deep breath and position yourself for an extraordinary second half of the year.


So much is re-calibrating beneath the surface. You can't see it yet, but next weekend's solar eclipse is a psychological game-changer. No clear direction is available yet, but a pathway is opening up that will take you out of a past era and into a more empowered future.


You may feel quite a pull towards or away from a particular group of people this week. The upcoming solar eclipse certainly has a strong magnetic energy and brings issues to your attention regarding whether you want in or out. Your team or social tribe is going through a review period as Virgo exercises quality control!


If you have felt yourself to be concentrating on certain issues since January, then next Sunday's eclipse heralds an entirely new phase. This is the final one in a series that began in July 2018 – think back and see how your goals, aims and ambitions have changed during this period. You have your own priorities now.


Future plans are very much in the frame. Whether you're thinking about what to do with the rest of the Summer or the year. If you've been itching for new horizons, Sunday's solar eclipse opens up some options that look interesting. However sketchy things look at the moment, things are going in the right direction.


Moving forward is your favourite thing. So you'll be happy to know that Sunday's total solar eclipse activates financial decisions enabling you to take aim at new targets. Meanwhile, Mercury's change of direction could raise a few little snags, but keep focused on the long term and you'll be in an entirely new position by the end of the year.


Relating to others has been centre stage ever since January's lunar eclipse. Six months later, on Sunday, the corresponding solar eclipse arrives as a marker point to let you further in or out of the scenario. As you are going through such an immense amount of personal inner change the way you match and connect is also considerably altered.


Overhauling areas of your life has been very much to the fore and Aquarians usually have no problem making changes. There's more to come as Sunday's solar eclipse highlights the way you live, work and spend the hours in your day. A new focus is coming which requires a lot of attention to detail.


A solar eclipse in the heart chakra zone of your chart highlights your capacity for happiness. What can you discard that has been downsizing the joy in your life? Where can you plug into a sense of playfulness and creativity? The next six months are taking you much further into the realms of the heart.

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