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Debbie Frank

While we continue life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you during this period of self-isolation, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


In the wake of Sunday's eclipsed Full Moon you're still processing what's going on and with Mercury continuing its retrograde motion and challenging Mars in your sign this is not the time to battle things out. Instead get into the zen state! Mid-month you will power forward and make up any lost ground.


As a patient Taurean you can march in place for a very long time. In recent months this capacity has been your trump card. Yet now openings are appearing, there is availability for you to make a move in terms of destination or plans. Even if you don't act on it immediately, having something up your sleeve will feel good.


This could be a week where you feel you should resort to Plan B – in fact, with Mercury retrograde Plan C and D might also have a place. Whilst certain doors may have slammed, there's no need to grab the handle of the next one before you've thought about what's right for you. From Sunday, the right choices appear before you without any of the struggle.


As Mars clashes with Mercury which is moving backwards through your sign you're likely to feel highly sensitive and reactive. The recent lunar eclipse has also made you aware that long standing issues must be resolved. However, you may not realise that you do in fact occupy a power seat that is all yours on the 14th/15th, so save your desire to engage in little skirmishes for a victory ahead.


It may seems as if others are trying to force your hand over future plans. Yet you really can't commit just because it suits them and before you have all the information at your fingertips. Point this out and very soon you'll feel confident of exactly what you want to do. What's more, it will be in everyone's best interest.


Petty issues are likely to assume far more significance than they deserve. As a details person it's easy for you to get drawn into situations which by rights should not be yours to solve. Waiting until mid-July would be a smart move as Mercury will return to direct motion on the 12th followed by new options that are genius.


Fiery Mars is having an inflammatory effect on relationships of all kinds and this could be a warming flame that lights up the next six months or a scalding heat that burns your fingers. This week you get to see just how hot things can become. If you use your Libran charm offensive all will be well.


Rising above everyday challenges is important as you need to save your mojo for mid-month. By the end of this week an invisible grace will be a healing balm on any sore spots and you'll find yourself in-line for a major elevation in terms of plans and projects. So for now, least said, soonest mended.


There are fabulous opportunities lining up on your horizon, so no need to clutch at straws this week. Of course, it's tempting. But any rash move could endanger your main chance. Timing is everything and with Mercury still reversing through the heavens until next Sunday, less is more.


You're currently in a hugely important phase in your life. Last Sunday's lunar eclipse in Capricorn began a new cycle that re-sets the emphasis for the coming months. In addition, a stellar line of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn will be actioned by the Sun mid-month which asks you to uplevel your destiny by making the right choices. For this week, contemplation rather than a pre-emptive strike is advisable.


Whilst some of the pressure is off due to Saturn releasing you from his grip at the start of this month, you've still got a lot on your plate. They say old habits die hard, but right now you're able to cut those chords and change things up. Radical shift is sometimes easier for you than minor titivation.


You need to be super-sharp this week as situations can turn on a dime and knowing exactly how to play will be essential. Next Sunday's wonderful link between the Sun and Neptune in Pisces connects you to the miracle mind-set. Accessing this helps you turn things from a potential disaster into a triumph.

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