Your weekly horoscope revealed for 5 to 11 October

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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A fine display of go-getting energy is your usual modus operandi, but you are certainly meeting some resistance at the moment. Remind yourself it's not forever, but a temporary state of affairs designed to hone your skills in people management.


Try as you might to steady everything, you're dealing with unexpected events or disruptions that throw things up in the air. Besides which, you find people are even more intransigent than you these days! What to do? Be patient. This too shall pass…


If it weren't for your mental dexterity you might be thrown by this week's strange turn of events. Yet somehow you manage to turn even the most inconvenient developments into opportunities for exploration. Taking everything that happens as food for thought is the basis for your creative spark.


Battening down the hatches might be wise when Mars squares up to Pluto in your relationship zone towards the end of the week. Someone might be over-bearing, or a connection might reach fever pitch. But if you stay calm in the middle of the storm you'll emerge unscathed.


If someone is threatening your sovereignty as King or Queen of the jungle it might be time to remind them who's boss. Subtle methods will work better than heavy handed tactics, as people will soon pick up their place in the grand scheme of things. After all, a sunny Leo is much preferable to a sour puss!


Stay as calm as possible during this nerve jangling week as you really are dealing with the proverbial circumstances beyond your control. News fresh in, causes a new angle to form on an existing situation. This gives you ammunition to deal with those kinds of egos that dig in their heels when clearly things need to change.


The unfairness of a situation is starting to become untenable as far as you're concerned. If it weren't for your investment in keeping things on an even keel you'd be tempted to throw in the towel. Yet if you're able to keep your balance within, nothing can touch you.


Intense situations don't faze you. So you're easily able to handle the current squeeze that's going on and apply your x-ray vision to all of its layers and complexities. However, others may not resonate on the same level and as the tension gets to them, you'll see where the cracks appear.


You always have one eye on the horizon, scanning and searching for potential opportunities – yet what you're looking at this week is the need to turn a negative into a positive. This requires you to turn things around in your mind, flip them and operate in a counter-intuitive way. Road blocks simply turn into diversions.


Strengthening your resolve is a must as Mars challenges Pluto in your sign this week. It has never been more important to know which battles are worth fighting and to be able to let go of the rest. This week has a revelatory feel about it, whether it's in terms of your own desires or what you see in other people.


You frequently find people's egos to be a destructive force which is why you occupy the higher ground and operate for the greater good. What comes up this week signals that you're dealing with those who are operating to their own agenda. Don't get pulled in.


Emotionally, this could be a time when you feel your hand is being forced – which is of course an affront to your open-hearted nature. If someone is trying to get you into a tight spot, they have reckoned without your Piscean super-power of rising above the whole scenario.

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