Your weekly horoscope revealed for 28 September to 4 October

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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A Full Moon in your own sign on Thursday morning is your very own circuit breaker! Up until then certain situations appear slow and stuck as you run into all the reasons why something cannot happen in the way you would like. Hold your nerve, better times are coming.


If it weren't for your practical nature you too would be running around like a headless chicken given the challenges you're meeting. However, a slow pace suits you. You remain calm under pressure. All in all, no-one can fault you for the graceful way you handle these times.


Mixing it up is not wise right now as Mars and Saturn urge you take one thing at a time. You're such a multi-tasker, this initially seems like a waste of your considerable talents. However, once you start focusing on your priorities you find all the mental stimulation you need in ticking them off your list individually.


Full Moon fever is coming on October 1st which switches the emphasis in your work/life balance. Whilst adapting again is unsettling, you have to admit that keeping all your options open was draining your energy and knowing where you stand is a relief.


Reality checks are not your favourite thing. Not that you're away with the fairies, but you do enjoy a bit of poetic licence in your life. The stern planet Saturn is issuing orders that seem to curtail your freedom. Just remember, whatever is going on in the outside world cannot impinge on your very rich creative spirit.


The natural flow of life is not exactly flowing this week. In fact, you're likely to run into a few road-blocks, tests and challenges that require your eagle eye and capacity to fix problems. Even though you are more of a head than a heart person as your go-to solution, the arrival of Venus in Virgo on Friday is a softening influence.


The current set-to between Mars and Saturn brings a relationship issue to crunch point. There are no distractions from what you're dealing with – so it's best to sort it out. The Full Moon in Aries is likely to push the button and you'll recognise whether this situation is for keeps or deleting.


Fixing practical issues in your life is a necessity this week. You're having to get to grips with making things work. Once you attend to them you'll experience an upgrade in your state of affairs that increases your energy and well-being. This gives you greater presence within a collaborative project.


Playing by the rules is not your natural modus operandi. Not that you're a total rebel, but you like to see movement in everything you do and when you run into restrictions it brings out the runaway horse! Yet there are certain matters that need to be faced square-on this week. In particular, budgets require careful planning.


Assessing exactly where you are is important as Mars clashes with sensible Saturn in your sign this week. If you are off-track, now is the time to make changes that will serve you well in the future. Your innate capacity to preserve your resources is a gift that gives you all you need to be in it for the long haul.


This is a week where everything is under the micro-scope which is frustrating for those who prefer the wide-angle lens. You may not be able to fast forward your goals, but you can pay attention to the issues that are like excess baggage in your life. Travel as light as possible.


If certain issues appear to be heavy going this week, put it down to the clash between Mars and Saturn which require you to adopt a hands-on approach and get to grips with certain realities you would prefer to avoid. This is a temporary state, but a significant milestone.

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