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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


There is a special kind of cosmic lockdown coming as Mars in your own sign turns retrograde on Wednesday for the next two months. This is a time to refine your goals and strategize rather than push for them to manifest super-quick. You still retain your fire-power and fun, just being a little cautious as you go.


A change of season is upon you – particularly as Mars will start moving backwards through the heavens from midweek, focusing your attention on how to manage everything. There's a backlog and an aura of uncertainty over the timing of your plans, so you'll need to use your Taurean super-powers of patience and practicality.


Things could turn on a dime this week so you'll need to be adaptable to changing circumstances and situations. Somehow you make the best of it, purely by bringing your good humour. Whilst you may be forced to hang loose for a while this can buy valuable time to think about your perfect next steps.


As Venus has now moved to favour the financial sector of your skies, the next few weeks are ones in which to establish the true material value of what you have to offer or wish to buy. As Mars turns retrograde this week it's possible that certain plans are going to experience a U-turn and you need to check out all the facts before making any major decisions.


The arrival of the love planet Venus into Leo heralds a period of radiant personal sunshine for the lions of the zodiac. You might be the one who creates the sparkle, yet even you can't stop the sense of an interruption in the flow of events care of Mars turning retrograde. People will blow hot and cold, so it's best to make some allowances in your best laid plans.


You're operating in an uncertain climate and might be prone to your own doubts over the wisdom of a particular course of action which seems to be running into delays or other difficulties. It is best to adopt a wait and see approach as there are a lot of unknowns at this point. All will be revealed when the time is right.


Whilst the go-getting Mars has been forging ahead in Aries over the Summer you've noticed that people are being extra pushy. Yet this week, Mars changes direction and alters the pace enabling you to slow down and take some time out to review what you really want. Isn't this what balancing the scales is all about?


On the one hand the universe is turning a bright light onto your talents and achievements. You're able to showcase what's good about you, yet the world seems slower with Mars in retrograde. Keep your sense of humour and positive outlook and allow yourself to take a circuitous route to your destination.


The Sun's bright and breezy link to Jupiter's change of direction encourages the feel-good-factor in a number of ways. The warmth of the Sagittarian spirit is a beacon of light during uncertain times. It's vital to keep your positive energy intact, even when it's tested through circumstances beyond your control.


Although you're usually sure of where you're going on your mountain trek to the top, the retrograde of Mars will bring questions about what you're doing and whether it's still the right thing. Don't be in a hurry to have the answers as the next couple of months will reveal alternatives to your original plan.


You may need to factor in several changes in the coming months whilst Mars moves backwards, de-railing and altering the set-up. Fortunately, you're someone who can handle the fluctuations and work with them to your best advantage. The future can only be handled one day at a time.


Your forte is dealing with intangibles and uncertainty. Whilst other signs flounder in chaos, you are especially skilled at riding the ebb and flow of life. Since it is currently impossible to control outcomes, your grace with letting go is helping other people to see that they could be much happier doing the same.

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