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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Silencing the lambs might be a bit extreme, but at least hold back a bit! Rushing in is ill advised when this turbulent cosmos is creating a strongly reactive energy field that means whatever you say and do is amplified. So plan every step.


There's a real art to getting things right this week and it isn't in bull-dozing your way through. You need a more delicate approach, even in the midst of frustration. Encountering the opposition is sometimes very informative when you look at it as an impartial observer.


Usually your way with words enables you to pass through the chinks in most people's armour, to turn tricks when the going gets tough. Yet it is Mercury the messenger planet which is under fire this week, rendering you speechless in some cases! Best to come from the heart rather than the mind.


Having a mental tussle with those who hold opposite viewpoints can offer you a mirror into your own blind-spots. You may not agree with what they have to say, or their modus operandi, but at least you will know where they’re coming from. It will add even more to your vast pool of awareness.


Although it may look as if a brick wall is being built, remember that nothing is set in stone at this stage. There remains ultimate flexibility in this on-going process of change and a large part of it lies in how you think, respond and handle what comes your way.


There must be times when you wish you were less hyper-vigilant! As a Virgo you tend to notice every small detail and what you're picking up on this week does not exactly fill you with delight. Yet, the capacity to hold a long term view is becoming increasingly important. Perspective is everything.


Your innate gracefulness in handling difficult situations is much called for this week as you'll find others at their most alpha assertive. Yet the Autumn Equinox on Tuesday brings the sunshine to your life as Libra time begins and you're in the mood to redress all balances.


As the Sun moves into the most reflective sector of your skies you're pressing the privacy button. Not such a strange thing for Scorpio to do, of course, as you often hold your powers within. Whilst you see all around you throwing their toys you’ll retain the inner smile of the Mona Lisa.


A team effort is not in its most agreeable phase. Yet you are the one who usually brings the sunshine out in others and knows not to take their demanding behaviour personally. Even so, saying the wrong thing could have far-reaching consequences – think before you speak.


A delicate matter has reached a crunch point in discussion. Perhaps an impasse or a point of no return. You are very good with boundaries and right now you have no intention of putting yourself in a vulnerable situation. That Capricorn defence system is poised and strong.


What has been undercover will emerge this week – changing the picture considerably. You like to exist on a higher plane rather than getting involved in drama and power plays – yet it will take all your powers of objectivity to remain clear of the unfolding scenario. See it from the perspective of the silent witness.


If you've been avoiding certain confrontations or tricky situations you're likely to have to deal with them this week. No swimming in the opposite direction! In fact, you might find that it feels so good to finally draw a line under something that's been in the background for a while.

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