Your weekly horoscope revealed for 16 to 22 November

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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


You're staging another start-up care of Mars moving direct in your sign again, yet you may find someone is trying to resist your advances. Rather than allowing this to descend into a battle of wills, try to use diplomatic means to get the best out of them.


It seems someone is on your side and able to play a vital role in boosting your confidence and prospects. Whatever unexpected news comes in midweek, try to take it in your stride and adapt to change as it happens. Ask yourself whether it really is a big deal?


Just as you are getting your own act together it's irritating to encounter someone who appears to be stuck in the past. Now, more than ever, you need to be at your agile best. Ready to find solutions rather than getting embroiled in old problems.


You seem to be experiencing a divide between those who are wholly committed to making things work and others who have their own agenda. At this point, surprise news that comes in could open your eyes to whether you need to re-double your efforts or turn away.


Just when you thought you'd run out of options, the news messenger Mercury flies in with a stunning piece of information. This gives a new twist on the expected storyline, enabling you to move past challenges and re-set your perspective. Celestial sat-nav could be your saviour!


Facts and figures might not be what you want to hear this week, bringing you to a reality check that isn't your favoured outcome. Yet, be prepared to discover there's more potential than is immediately apparent. Be careful, but continue to believe in people power than can take things over the line.


As Venus in Libra tussles with Jupiter and Saturn this week you're dealing with some home truths and personal interactions that aren't in your usual playbook of sweetness and light. Yet, none of this should come as a surprise. Perhaps it's just time to acknowledge what’s there and move on.


Your week should get off to a cracking start care of the recent New Moon in your sign which enables you to tap into the full range of Scorpio resourcefulness. You're also on point when it comes to assessing what you need to do and say in the moment. Even more so, as events put you firmly on the spot.


It's not your natural position to observe from the side-lines. Yet circumstances have forced you to wait and watch- which will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Once the Sun moves into your own sign next Saturday you'll be front and centre to both your own and other people's relief.


You're aligned with some positive forces that promote collaboration and connection. Yet you might also be aware that someone in particular is dragging at your heels and making things hard work. This could be the time to shake them off with a new approach.


In the grand scheme of things you're re-positioning yourself to enter a new era that will allow you to be more fully yourself. In the meantime, take what comes this week as a signal that timing is everything and you're gaining valuable learning skills and access to new ideas.


Setting your sights on your future is actually more important than you think. There are new movements afoot that are conspiring to take you in a new direction. Even if you're encountering some road blocks right now, Pisceans are masters of finding ways around them.


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