Astrologer reveals your weekly horoscope from 23 to 29 November

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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The Sun's bounce forward into your fiery tribe member Sagittarius, provides a much needed boost to your long term prospects. You're in synch with those who share your vision of getting things going. Yet short term, you're having to dodge unexpected fire-crackers that at least have the effect of making sure you're on your toes.


The presence of Venus in Scorpio gives you an extra attraction factor and capacity to magnetise what you love. It's all good – yet Venus will stand off against the changemaker planet Uranus at the end of the week which is likely to introduce surprise announcements and events. Things can turn on a dime.


In the run-up to the powerful lunar eclipse in your sign at the end of the month you're assessing what you want to keep at this stage and what is surplus to requirements. Fortunately, you're easily able to read the signs and signals that give you the inside track on how to handle everything. Even when things happen at short notice.

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You're beginning to feel closer to someone purely because the communication between you touches deep inside. Nevertheless, you may not want to make yourself available for each and every possibility. Picking and choosing when to share and when to have your own space must be a priority.


Getting things onto an even keel may seem a far distant hope when you're constantly having to react to unforeseen changes. Yet dropping anchor into what sustains you personally is the very thing that will stabilise you in disruptive conditions. Keeping yourself positive is an inside job!


Whilst you seem to be in perfect synch with someone who is on-board with your ideas, there are those who directly oppose your thinking. Think back to what went on at the end of October and you'll get the measure of this make-or-break energy. It either requires great diplomatic skill to bring people together or the capacity to make the chop.


It's great to hear what you want to hear, but ask yourself if a certain course of action is entirely in your best interests. Are you papering over some cracks in order to avoid facing a giant fault-line that sooner or later will reveal itself? Perhaps you still need more time, but at least look at the consequences of what's going on.


Excitement is the order of the day when Venus in Scorpio crosses the path of lightning bolt Uranus. You'll sense that the goddess of love is giving you the most flattering camera angles this week, yet more is to be revealed! Tuning into where others are coming from could result in a deep and meaningful connection.


The days of the archer are upon us and so you've got carte blanche to strut your stuff. Yet a pair of eclipses coming up in Gemini and Sagittarius are also pulling in elements of your fate and destiny that create epic change without you having to do a thing. Get ready for the clincher.


As the Sun traverses the most private area of your chart you know it's wise to say little but think a great deal. From your observation point, you receive much more information than you would if you entered into the fray. Take notes!


There could be a re-shuffle this week in terms of your priorities and direction. Having to fit in with others isn't your strong suit, but you want to gain clarity on plans even if you decide to opt-out. With mega planetary between now and the end of the year, you’re in a much stronger position than you realise.


Training a spotlight on your aims and goals would be a good idea in order to stop the drift that has gone on whilst Neptune has been reversing through your sign in recent months. It's time to get up and go. To connect with those who are truly on your wave-length and cut loose from those who are not.

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