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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 14 to 20 December

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Monday's solar eclipse shines the spotlight on where you're going in 2021 and beyond. So if your present isn't entirely rosy, you're raising your sights far ahead into the future with its aura of promise. Next up: the passage of Jupiter and Saturn into your zone of collaboration, people and community. Your networking potential is going to be a major theme for the coming year.


The cosmos is signing a financial release form in the form of the solar eclipse in your zone of funding, arrangements and business interests. Think of this as setting you up for a whole new raft of professional priorities which are coming into being. Jupiter and Saturn are both moving to pole position in your chart this week heralding a significant shift in what you want to do with your life.


Powerful developments in the realm of relationship suggest a certain someone is having a significant impact on your destiny at the moment. Your dance or duet with this person could feel like the best double act or the millstone round your neck. Which is why you're ready to move closer or break ranks in pursuit of a special another.


It's been a couple of years of karma on the relationship front, yet Saturn is moving out of this area taking its serious weight with it. What you really want to do now is invest in the right people and partnerships and connect with a win-win for both parties. Healthy you and healthy situations must come first.


As Jupiter and Saturn move to take up residency in the relationship angle of your chart this week you're stepping into an era that will redefine where you stand and what you appreciate about those special people in your life. This could star you a new significant other, cement an existing tie or say your karma is done here.


Monday's total solar eclipse can alter the status quo in one or more areas of your life, creating a chain reaction that moves you in a new direction. The well-being of your mind, body and spirit is paramount so pay attention to the small details that underpin your happiness and health.


You can probably sense that a new era is opening up. Especially regarding your mind-set and perspective which is receiving new bandwidth! In addition, as Jupiter and Saturn change signs this week you're experiencing a greater desire to recover your love of life again. This will require taking your pleasures more seriously (no hardship there!)


Financials are in the frame with Monday's solar eclipse encouraging you to aim high and build a ring of confidence around you. As Jupiter and Saturn both move to accent your very personal life, home and inner you there's a need to redefine what security means to you, where it is held and how to sustain it.


An important total solar eclipse in your own sign on Monday suggests you are indeed 'moving on'. Whether personally, psychologically or physically there will be a great shift within the next six months as you expand your field of possibilities. Your philosophical wisdom is also much in demand and a larger audience wish to tap into it.


If you've felt somewhat imprisoned during Saturn's tenure in your sign over the last two years this week will give you a welcome release as the planet of restriction moves out, together with Jupiter which has provided a silver lining to many of the tougher moments. What's next is a re-surgence of self belief and confidence.


You are becoming the celestial flavour of the coming year as both Saturn and Jupiter move into your sign this week in preparation for their Great Conjunction on the 21st. This is a time of great significance so even the smallest of decisions must be regarded as paving the way for your new future.


A total solar eclipse on your midheaven indicates a great download of energy into your pathway and direction. Although the shift may create a temporary power surge or wipe out, the overall effect over the coming months is to get you on track towards where you're meant to be going. Hence the need to take note of all the signposts and signals.

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