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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Awkward as it might be to admit you have missed a vital life-line into the future, the current pair of eclipses that start on Monday and peak on December 14th are designed to remind you that you still have everything to play for. Prospects that are being discussed are more interesting than anything you've heard in years.


If you've felt undermined by other people's valuation of what you have to offer, this is your chance to be unequivocal in your own estimation of your considerable talents and skills. This is not about price-points matching, but your absolute faith that you are 'worth it' and should be treated as such.


The final eclipse season of 2020 is upon us and Monday's eclipsed Full Moon falls in the sign of twins, urging you to reassess what you've learned this year and then apply that wisdom to the coming year. If that means a parting of the ways then so be it. You absolutely must steer in the direction of your soul's purpose.


No one expects you to have all the answers. So just letting things be when everything is swirling around you is the best way to handle the current eclipsed Full Moon. Feeling overwhelmed is a natural response when so much is being dredged up. You need to allow yourself time and space to work it through and then you'll come back with total inspiration and clarity.


You've learned a lot about other people during this very strange year. As November closes out and you step into the final month of the year, it feels like the moment to reassess who managed to come with you and who is left behind. Eclipses are game-changers when it comes to pivotal events so your true team and tribe will reveal themselves now.


2020 has required you to reposition yourself in the world, do things differently and develop a different perspective. As this week's lunar eclipse downloads directly onto the angle of your chart which represents your goals and ambitions, you have to admit that the dismantling of old aims has opened up a new trajectory. And there is further to go with this.


The balancing act you've performed throughout 2020 has been one long juggle of people and priorities. Yet as you move into the final few weeks of the year there are still some pivotal cosmic gems in store that will redefine your priorities. First of all, find your voice and what's true for you.


You keep a tight hold on who you choose to let into your life in a deep way, or who is allowed to have access to your personal resources. The issue of whom to trust is a big one but the moment has come to open up the portal to a greater degree of sharing or to change the access codes for those who are undeserving.


Who lights your fire these days? The relationship zone of your chart is itself lit up by the eclipsed Full Moon and this is a time when you can fall under someone's spell or feel their dynamic impact on you. A significant other person could be shaking things up business wise or personally – you can't help but notice them.


The small details of your life are assuming huge significance as you head into the final month of the year. All the little choices you make about the way you live your life add up to how you feel, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is why you're ready to sweep the board with a major re-set. It's the perfect time.


Creativity is not necessarily about artistic inspiration, but the way you approach life. You do possess an amazing ability to think outside of the box and live life on your terms. This is going to become a guiding light for others in the next couple of years. This week you can send a strong message about the meaning of happiness.


Balancing the outside world with where and how you live has been a major issue for you this year. So when it comes to this week's important eclipse you're ready to put your personal needs first. Home, family and your personal affairs need to find their rightful place at the root of your being. When you are grounded you flourish.

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