Your weekly horoscope revealed for 22 to 28 February

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


After weeks of speculation, it feels as if you're finally getting a handle on what's going on and what's to come. Although your main thrust may not be until Spring Equinox when the Sun steps into Aries, there's major accomplishment between now and then. Enjoy the process of creating the right platform.


You're having your own private visit to Mars these days as the red planet lights up your sign. Whilst the world has gone quiet, you've been busy working things out. This week's spectacular Mars Pluto alignment reassures you that no effort has gone to waste and you're on track to transform challenge into triumph.


The end of Mercury's retrograde cycle means your mind is sharp as a tack again and the final week in February looks set to deliver decisions and results. It signals an end to a period of waiting and dithering, being caught in cross currents and now you're on sparkling form with personable Venus as your main influencer.


The crab is not always a creature of habit. You can surprise everyone, including yourself this week by making a genius move that opens up ideas and connections. Suddenly the world looks more exciting and you're determined to explore it, mentally at least, until you can take your pincers there too!


Whilst you've been rather disconcerted by other people's behaviour you're beginning to come round to the idea that they may have a point in wanting to do things differently. If you can collaborate with the full force of your Leo flair it should be a winning combination. After all you're the one who can add the x-factor.


In the run-up to next Saturday's Full Moon in Virgo you're taking on a major decision or move. It feels like a natural conclusion, rather than something that comes out of left field. A release and an opening, rather than a door slamming shut. Moving on in a state of hopeful anticipation is your key to keeping anxiety at bay.


Fine-tuning your daily life establishes the harmony you're looking for. All those small choices you make every 24 hours add up to an implementation of your maximum potential. Whatever has got out of balance can be fixed if you're willing to make the change. Opting out from the old pattern could be a welcome release.


Scorpios possess phenomenal inner resourcefulness, so even if you think you've scraped the bottom of the barrel you're still going to be able to dredge up a master-stroke. The welcome arrival of Venus into your love sector and next Saturday's Full Moon are capable of making your world go round in a number of exciting ways.


If you've been waiting for a sign-off or decision, the cosmos is lining everything up for answers before the end of this month. Perhaps you have been in two minds yourself, but now want to get things moving. The moment for action awaits – and you'll see it will happen at exactly the right time.


You've been prepping for a big manifestation and waiting for doors to open. So it comes as a relief to know that others are eager to receive what you have in mind and that all your energy can flow in the right direction. Every single set-back and challenge you've experienced is seen as a big credit and learning curve.


You are not exactly jumping jack flash- but you do have your moments. So do your thing this week and surprise everyone with your sheer ingenuity and pzazz. People are not so set in their ways as you imagine and are actually looking for the next blueprint of visions for the future.


Once Venus sets foot in your sign on Thursday your attraction factor increases enormously, giving you the capacity to magnetise greater positivity. In both your personal and work life you're creating the feels so don't be surprised if someone makes a bold move, gesture or statement that takes your relationship to the next level.

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