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Your horoscope for the week ahead: 27 December to 2 January

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Debbie Frank
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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The cosmos is whispering sweet nothings to you as the guardian angel planet Jupiter moves into the place that encourages you to have faith in your future. It's a sign suggesting you can transcend any negative areas by refusing to get locked into exchanges that take your energy down rather than up.


If the Christmas period felt more jangle than jingle this year put it down to the inconvenient clash between Saturn and Uranus which doesn't make for plain sailing. Yet the arrival of generous Jupiter into the people angle of your chart midweek for a prolonged stay should lift your spirits enormously.


The post-Christmas cosmic delivery of the optimistic Jupiter to the prime position in your chart offers you a new raft of opportunities that will unfold in the coming months. Keep this in mind when you encounter issues that seem tricky to manage. Focus on where you want to be next year.


If certain people have demanded rather too much from you recently, the arrival of Jupiter into your zone of new adventures encourages some plans, ideas and opportunities that will literally get you out of here. Maybe not immediately as you still have much to navigate in close personal relationships. However, there’s a new horizon opening up.


If you’ve got rather fed up with so many responsibilities then take heart from Jupiter’s new position in the caring, sharing angle of your chart. Although you like to lead from the top, there are areas where it would be good to allow someone in. The coming months will reveal a greater level of support.


As the communication planet Mercury is in cahoots with Venus and Pluto this week you’ve got super-important discussions before the year turns. So much centres on whether people revolve around their own needs or are willing to compromise. Lead by example and be as generous as possible.


Significant discussions reveal so much about what's going on that you wonder how people have kept it to themselves for so long. An upgrade to your daily life will come into play between now and May as generous Jupiter helps health and healing to flow across all areas. You're absolutely ready for a change.


Jupiter's residency in your happy place between now and May brings opportunities for the good times to flow in terms of creativity, love and appreciation of all that brings joy. So, if you're currently fixating on thorny issues rest assured that what you eliminate now will be replaced with better times.


Your abundant ruling planet Jupiter is beginning a five-month residency in the most personal area of your chart where it fosters greater confidence, happiness and inner optimism. It's not a magic wand, but it cushions you from other pressing issues. So if a crunch point arises this week look on it as closure on old baggage.


For some time you've been wondering how to resolve a complex issue. You may not get all the answers this week, but an important discussion reveals where people are coming from and exactly what you're dealing with. A New Moon in your own sign on Sunday 2 suggests a change is in the works that can only be better for you.


Aquarians embrace the future and Saturn's no-nonsense presence in your sign suggests you're absolutely ready to put the past behind you where it firmly belongs. Others may still wish to hold onto old issues, but your thoughts are on what you can make of this coming year. As Mercury enters Aquarius, you're full of ideas.


Jupiter, bringer of joy arrives into your sign as an advance party on the 29th where it opens up new realms of possibilities for you over the coming 5 months. With this in mind, make it a resolution not to carry over anything that makes you less than full of positive energy. Your future is bright.

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