Are Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi a match made in heaven? Princess Diana's astrologer reveals all

Prince Andrew's daughter is due to marry her fiancé in May

When Princess Beatrice finally weds Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on Friday 29 May at St James's Palace it will be a milestone for her new beginning that will set her apart from the tsunami of royal scandals, set-backs and severances that have engulfed the family recently, all set against a backdrop of powerful cosmic alignments that have all but destroyed the old status quo. So has Prince Andrew's eldest daughter (Leo) found a perfect match with her Scorpio husband-to-be?


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Sun signs alone, whilst giving us a blueprint of personal destiny do not tell the whole story of compatibility. For that we need to look into the whole birth chart to see where planets like Venus (love), Mars (desire) and Moon (emotional needs) reside. This gives a full glimpse into the layers of what draws people together.

The couple are due to marry in May

Born under the royal sign of Leo, Princess Beatrice definitely possesses the warmth and centre-stage qualities of this sign. Yet scratch the surface and a sensitive soul emerges. She has both the Moon and Venus together in the tender, nurturing sign of Cancer. She's a giver and carer. Yet she's attracted to an alpha male as her Mars (planet of desire) is in go-getting Aries.

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Little wonder, she has fallen head-over-heels for Edoardo who is a powerful Scorpio but has a strong fire signature in his chart. He is adventurous, strongly positive and charismatic yet, as a Scorpio he has hidden depths, and is a perceptive and resilient character. Leo and Scorpio make a charismatic couple. Intuitively he will know how to shower her with attention and love that makes her purr and she will keep his passionate soul on fire. His Sun in Scorpio with Moon in Taurus is exactly the same as Prince Charles's star chart, combining a certain earthiness – and a love of beauty, buildings and nature with powerful inner reserves.

Beatrice and Edoardo with the Princess' mother Sarah, Duchess of York

There could be clashes over who takes control in the relationship, yet Beatrice is likely to calm Edoardo and defuse the more stubborn side of his personality. He likes emotional security of which she is the great provider, so their home and family life should become rock solid and ringing with children.

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Beatrice has seen her younger sister get married before her and been caught up in enormous family challenges recently, so the wedding provides some sunshine amidst a series of troublesome problems that her immediate and extended family have faced. As Leos are renowned for being able to lift the mood around them, this Beatrice the Lion Queen is creating a happy event that provides an opportunity for the family to re-connect again after all the storms that have driven them apart.

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