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Royal astrologer reveals what 2021 has in store for the Queen and her family

It's written in the stars

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Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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Will it be another annus horribilis for the royal family? As 2020 began with the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan, moving through the Covid-19 crisis and ending with social isolation, last year has marked a new era for the royals.

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Yet even though we celebrate a New Year and the Winter Solstice Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn has ushered in a return of the light, it is not as simple as flicking a switch! We are all in a hugely transformative period, learning new ways of living and being. The royal family is no exception. Find out what 2021 has in store for these royal family members…

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The Queen

Turning 95 in April is a huge milestone birthday and the Queen's Spring stars are when joyful Jupiter makes a celebratory fly-past of her own Jupiter and Mars. Saturn also opposes her Moon, signifying a great marker point in her reign and a completion which could mean she will pass over some of the responsibilities to the younger royals.

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Prince Charles

The King in waiting will be carving out further definition to his public role early in the year. Yet the unease and uncertainty of 2020 continue as Neptune, the planet of chaos, can wrong-foot his best-laid plans. He is not able to direct things as he might wish – particularly regarding issues with his sons.

The Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla is aware that despite Covid-19, her public role is becoming increasingly demanding. She is having to be more centre stage when she prefers to maintain her privacy. This struggle continues on from last year, with events forcing her hand. Her place in The Firm is being re-defined by extra duties.

prince william and kate middleton marshmallows

"William will re-evaluate his role and values in life," says Debbie

Prince William

Although William is a Duke, he is not exempt from experiencing the astrological mid-life crisis which is part of the human condition. He will re-evaluate his role and values in life, eliminating what is no longer relevant. William will be displaying his passion, striking a chord with the public.

The Duchess of Cambridge

2021 looks set to be one of Kate's most demanding years yet as her Venus and Mercury are in the eye of a perfect celestial storm. This is likely to produce radical change to her pattern of life, requiring a whole re-organisation of the way she works. Close relationships require extra input too.

meghan markle with archie

"From May onwards, Meghan's knack of surprising us all will come to the fore," says Debbie

Prince Harry

Harry is floating in a world cut off from the rigid protocols of his previous life. Although it gives him space, he is likely to feel disappointed at times, without that clear cut definition of his identity whilst he finds his feet. He is going through a period of drifting this year as the initial excitement of letting go of old restrictions wears off.

The Duchess of Sussex

Meghan's 2021 continues her push to establish a huge role in the world. She will forge partnerships with organisations that give her a powerful platform, yet there are complications that filter through into her relationship with Harry. From May onwards her knack of surprising us all will come to the fore.

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