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Who is Prince Harry's childhood friend Nicky Scott?

Nicky Scott and Prince Harry grew up together at Eton

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Megan Bull
TV Writer
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The Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan has given fans a glimpse into the couple's personal lives away from the spotlight, including the members of their inner circles. Among Prince Harry's closest friends and confidantes is Nicky Scott, who is introduced right from the start in episode one. Here's everything you need to know about him…

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Who is Prince Harry's childhood friend Nicky Scott?

Prince Harry's good friend Nicky Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Pollinum. 

According to their website, the organisation works with "forest communities to revive traditional forest gardening production techniques that restore and regenerate forest ecosystems while protecting habitats for endangered wildlife."

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harry nicky eton© Photo: Netflix

Prince Harry and Nicky Scott at Eton

Having attended Eton College alongside Prince Harry, where he studied Mathematics, Geography and History of Art, Nicky's LinkedIn page states that he was House Captain as well as a member of the Athletics Team and the Horse Racing Society. It seems that from the get-go he had a lot in common with Harry! 

Nicky later studied at Cambridge University, enrolling on a course for Sustainable Supply Chain Management before co-founding Pollinum in 2017. 

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How did Prince Harry and Nicky Scott meet?

During the docuseries, Nicky revealed that he first met the young royal while attending Eton in their early teens. At this point in time, Prince Harry had only recently lost his mother, the late Princess Diana.  

eton sports© Photo: Netflix

Harry and Nicky would open their windows and chat after lights out

"I met Harry at Eton at age 13 Nicky said, "We were actually the rooms next door to each other so we could lean out the window and talk after lights out." 

Reflecting on their childhood friendship, Nicky added: "I think, as a young kid, you don't have the language to necessarily have that complicated mental health chats beyond 'how are you' [and] 'fine'. And maybe as well you probably veer away from having that discussion because it's such an emotional hot potato. Like, you don't know the right things to say, are you gonna make it worse rather than make it better and if you say nothing, you know you're not at least making it worse." 

nicky scott netflix© Photo: Netflix

Nicky reflected on how the media impacted their time at Eton in the docuseries

Recalling the Royal Family's agreement with the media, which stipulated that both Prince William and Prince Harry would be left alone while attending school, Nicky opened up about the moment they realised it was never going to happen. 

"Day one, we'd left the house to a scrum. Nothing I've ever seen of flashing lights and the media all there," he said. As the docuseries then shifted back to Harry, the Queen's grandson added: "That's when all of the stuff that had happened to our mum started happening to us." 

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