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The telling sign that Meghan Markle is a high achiever and 'could do great things'

The Duchess of Sussex has a striking feature on her hand

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Ainhoa Barcelona
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It's no secret that the Duchess of Sussex is a force to be reckoned with. The former Suits star turned philanthropist, activist, and champion of female empowerment started making waves in her pre-teen years, when she famously overturned a sexist soap advert.

Among other achievements Meghan, a Northwestern University graduate, has written a children's book, starred in a Netflix docuseries, co-established a non-profit organisation with husband Prince Harry, and lent her voice to the UN Women Conference.

And it sounds like there's no stopping the Duchess when it comes to her ambitions. 

The Duchess of Sussex's most inspiring quotes on feminism

Palm reader Gary Markwick shared that Meghan has a fairly uncommon feature on both of her hands – a Simian line. This is when the head and the heart line on your palm merge into a single line.

"Meghan Markle, Hillary Clinton, Robert de Niro, Tony Blair – these are all examples of people who have the Simian line," Gary told HELLO!

"These are people who can be quite highly sensitive. They're very focused, they're head on, they're going to get what they want normally. But sometimes they have tunnel vision in what they're trying to achieve and they're not always looking around to see who's around or what's happening."

"Some people just have a touch of that line, but Meghan has a Simian line on each hand," Gary added. "The left hand is our emotions. The right hand is what we make of our life, what we achieve. And Meghan has it on both hands, so it's a double whammy. She could do great things."

Meghan Markle waving© Getty
Meghan Markle has a Simian line on her hand

Most people have three main lines on their palm, Gary explained – the heart, the head, and the life, with the latter being the most important. "These lines are formed in the womb before we're even born," he said. "The lines actually change as frequently as every two to three months. Nothing's permanent, nothing's static. What we think, say and do – we're manifesting and creating our lines."

And it's not just our lines that tell us about ourselves and our destiny. The shape and features of our hands do too. 

Meghan Markle wearing playsuit and sunglasses in Dusseldorf© Getty
"She could do great things," Gary said

"Someone who has very long palms and very long fingers, they can be quite delicate and very sensitive," said Gary. "Someone who has short, stubby fingers, what we call elementary hands, these people are the kind of people who want to get married, have their meal in front of them. If they went to an auction to buy an antique, they would value it on how much it's worth, not on its beauty.

"If you have a 'waisted' thumb, so a thumb that looks like a waist, that could be someone who's very diplomatic, maybe indecisive. Whereas someone with a very solid thumb, they're more practical, they say it like it is."

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