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6 best coffee machines for your home: From Nespresso to Tassimo, DeLonghi & more

Become a barista at home with these coffee machines

Close-up of a glass cup with coffee from a capsule coffee machine
Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
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If you're looking to cut back on your weekly trips to Starbucks, Pret or Costa for your favourite morning brews, it's time to invest in a coffee machine for your home and save so much money in the long run. 

For caffeine lovers, a key part of building the perfect at-home barista station is adding a coffee machine to the kitchen, and luckily, there are plenty of models to choose from. Nespresso, DeLonghi and Tassimo are just some of the brands offering high-tech coffee machines, and even better, some of them are on sale! 

A great way to save money, you can head into the office clutching a delicious latte, cappuccino or even an iced coffee before embarking on your daily commute – winning. Invest in yours today with HELLO!'s guide to the best coffee machines for your home, plus find out our top maintenance tips and more. 

Best coffee machine brands for home use - at a glance

When it comes to shopping for coffee machines, the brands with the highest ratings and reviews are...

  • Best for one-touch pod coffee machines: Nespresso is a popular choice for a reason - scroll down to read our review. If you practically live in Costa, then the Tassimo Coffee Machine is for you. Indulge in your favourite Costa Latte, Cappuccino or even a tasty Cadbury's hot chocolate at the push of a button.   
  • Best for bean-to-cup: Beem is a strong favourite in the HELLO! office, with one staffer (who used to work in a coffee shop!) declaring it as one of the best coffee machines she's ever used. 
  • Best for traditional pump coffee machines: Smeg is a stylish choice for fans looking for a traditional pump coffee machine. Using an optimum bar pressure of 15mm, this clever machine can transform ground coffee or paper coffee pods into aromatic, quality-tasting hot drinks. 
  • Best coffee machines for small kitchens: The name says it all. The Nespresso Krups Pixie XN304T40 Coffee Machine is small in size - especially good if you're lacking in counter space. - read our review below.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't shop with other brands, but if you're looking for a tried and tested product, then these are the ones to look to. 

The best coffee machines tried & tested

  1. 1/5

    Nespresso coffee machine

    Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine

    HELLO! Verdict

    "There's a reason why this coffee machine is so popular - it looks sleek and chic, and thanks to one-touch brewing technology, it's super fast. I don't want to spend hours reading a manual how to get the perfect cup of coffee, I just want it asap in the morning. And due to the Centrifusion technology it brews the perfect cup of coffee each and every time. There are five cup sizes: Alto (414ml), Mug (230ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Espresso (40ml). I'm also a big fan of the Podback Service to recycle your coffee pods." Leanne Bayley, Director of Lifestyle & Commerce.

    Deal of the day

    With £50 off plus 30 FREE capsules (auto added at checkout) and a FREE Aeroccino3 milk frother when you sign up, this is an incredible bargain with the Nespresso Vertuo Next 11719 Coffee Machine. 

    Working exclusively with the Nespresso Vertuo Pods, it couldn't be easier to use thanks to its simple one-button operation system. Capable of making five different drink sizes, you can brew your coffee in bulk or tailor it for a normal mug, or a smaller shot of espresso – the choice is yours.

  2. 2/5

    Beem coffee machine

    BEEM ESPRESSO-ULTIMATE Espresso Portafilter Machine - 20 bar

    HELLO! Verdict

    "I worked as a barista for five years alongside my university studies, so I learned to appreciate the difference between the robust and rich flavour of a freshly-brewed espresso and a speedy instant coffee. For such a compact machine, I love how BEEM's Espresso-Ultimate machine takes me back to my coffee shop days. It has an in-built milk foamer, a heating plate for cups, a powerful 20-bar pump pressure and for real coffee aficionados, a thermoblock system to guarantee the perfect crema everytime. The stainless steel design feels and looks super luxe, all while being small enough to fit on my counter without overcrowding my small London kitchen." Georgia Brown, Lifestyle Writer.

    BEEM's Espresso-Ultimate Espresso Portafilter Machine makes brewing the perfect espresso a dream. It comes complete with a hot plate, drip tray, swivelling steam nozzle and water tank (1L), as well as an expert heating and pumping system with stainless steel water pipe for corrosion-free water flow.

  3. 3/5

    Delonghi coffee machine

    DELONGHI Magnifica S ECAM250.33.TB Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

    HELLO! Verdict

    "Once I got over the size of this coffee machine, I began to love it - and truth be told, prefer coffee made from this than a shop-bought coffee! It's loud, there's no getting away from that, but it's ridiculously easy - and quick - to use and has all the gizmos and gadgets you might want (like a milk steamer) but never actually use. I love that it uses coffee beans, there's something satisfying about them being ground as I make my morning coffee!" Carla Challis, Shopping Partnerships Editor

    Deal of the day

    Currently £329.99 at Curry's, reduced from £479.

    DeLonghi's Magnifica coffee machine is a dream for caffeine lovers. Thermoblock heating technology has the machine ready in half a minute, and your coffee can be personalised to suit your taste - from strength to temperature to volume. All parts are removable for easy clean too

  4. 4/5

    beem coffee machine

    BEEM FRESH-AROMA-PERFECT III Filter Coffee Machine with Grinder - Duo

    HELLO! Verdict

    "What I loved about this machine is you can automatically grind your beans to your own strength and taste preferences. Choosing the number of cups I needed was also automated to the perfect amount of ground coffee from your beans. The timer function accurately ensured the coffee was ground and brewed to my exact taste in the morning. You can use pre-ground coffee beans, but nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning." Christian Anderson-Ramshall,  Head of Channels

    If you’re looking for a purely automated connoisseur experience, then the stylish BEEM percolator could be the one for you. This refined-looking coffee maker with intuitive touchscreen haptics (akin to using a phone touch screen) not only makes a phenomenal coffee but also has the looks to match.

  5. 5/5

    Krupps coffee machine

    Nespresso Krups Pixie XN304T40 Coffee Machine

    HELLO! Verdict

    "I have a smaller kitchen and no-one in my household is a fancy coffee drinker - my husband starts out the day with three cups but he's just after the caffeine! So a compact Krups machine is just perfect for anyone who just wants a good, no-fuss cup of coffee and doesn't have a lot of counter space to spare. The machine uses Nespresso-compatible capsules, and has just two settings - espresso or lungo, both with automatic flow-stop. So basically you just press the button you're all set. It's also easy to clean, you just pop out the drip tray and empty capsule container and rinse." Karen Silas, Senior Lifestyle Editor. 

    The Pixie Nespresso machine by Krups is compact (11.1cm W x 23.5cm H x 32.6cm L), with one-touch controls and a 25-second heating time. It also features a 19-bar high-pressure pump and a power-save mode that automatically switches the machine off.

What to consider when buying a coffee machine

Some of the top factors to consider when buying a coffee machine includes cost, maintenance and the type of machine that you're looking for. 

In terms of price, coffee machines can range from £28 up to £600 and more – it all depends on how high-tech you'd like it to be. However, if you're looking for a good deal, you'll want to head to Amazon where you'll find plenty of coffee machines on sale, and you can get savings of up to £70 right now. For maintenance tips and information on the different types of machines, keep reading.  

Amazon coffee machine deal of the day

Now 32% off in the Amazon sale, Breville's One-Touch Coffee Machine accommodates different-sized mugs so you can indulge in delicious espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. Having received over five hundred five-star ratings, it's a popular choice with Amazon shoppers and it also features an adjustable milk frother. 

How often should I change coffee machine filters?

There are different types of coffee machine filters, ranging from disposable filters to paper versions, but the type of filter you'll use will depend on the coffee machine you buy. Each should come with an instruction manual explaining how and when to use a filter, but typically paper filters can be used per pot of coffee, whereas reusable filters can be washed and reused as much as you like. 

What types of coffee machines should I buy?

If you're a fan of sweeter and creamier coffee shop brews, then you'll want to invest in a machine that uses pods. The easiest and most low-maintenance model to use, you'll be able to whip up everything from lattes to cappuccinos, flat whites and more. 

However, if you like your cup of Jo strong, then coffee made from a filter machine tends to contain much more caffeine and boasts a more complex flavour profile.