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Best treadmills to use at home in 2024, from premium machines to under £200 alternatives

We tracked down the best treadmills for your 2024 home workout: underdesk walking pads, foldable treadmills and more

Woman running exercise on track treadmill
Karen Silas
Senior Lifestyle Editor
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Whether you’re someone who doesn’t like to go running in inclement weather, or need to get exercise without putting pressure on your joints, a treadmill could be just what you need. Gym-goers increasingly are switching up their exercise routines, making sure that they have all of the best at-home equipment to achieve an effective workout. 

If you haven't got a treadmill yet then check out these top-rated treadmills of 2024, from Peloton and Reebok, to best value machines from retailers like Sports Direct, Amazon, Very and Decathlon.

What are the benefits of using a treadmill for your workout? 

Over the past few years – just like working from home and ordering everything from groceries to gifts online – we've gotten used to the convenience of staying fit at home, and one of the best pieces of equipment you can invest in is a good treadmill.

Perfect if you don't like to go running or walking in inclement weather, need to get a run in without the pressure on your joints from the pavement, or want to save money on going to a gym, treadmills are an effective tool for a great at-home workout.

"Treadmills are becoming increasingly smarter at replicating run conditions of outdoor environments," says fitness trainer and Technogym Wellness Ambassador James Stirling, also known as @London_Fitness_Guy.

"Through the use of scenic runs that adapt to speed and elevation changes of your chosen route, it's become far easier to just step on a treadmill, and run! Whilst this makes the run far more engaging, it also allows us to build key components of strength and power to make us better, more efficient runners. 

Treadmills are an especially good idea for those who can stand rainy or snowy day workouts. "For those that lack motivation during the colder seasons, treadmill workouts allow you to continue pushing towards your goals whatever the weather," explains James. "You can follow structured run programmes to keep you accountable and ensure you continue progressing with your fitness, or run specific goals throughout the year."

Why treadmills are trending

And while you might not associate treadmills with the TikTok generation, experts at Lifespan Fitness found that as of October 2023, two of the top five 'FitTok' trends were treadmill-related.

 Under desk treadmills had 3.3million views, while the 12-3-30 Treadmill Workout – setting your treadmill at a 12% incline, then walking at a speed of three miles per hour for 30 minutes for a low-impact core-strengthening workout – had 18.8million views at the time of the study.

Higher-end exercise equipment from brands like Peloton, Nordictrack and Technogym are a popular choice, but there’s also good news for those who need to stick to a smaller budget. You don’t necessarily have to invest a huge amount of money to get your cardio routine in. There's still a whole host of quality but cheap treadmills on offer right now.

To help you get your home gym set up ASAP we’ve rounded up the best treadmills, from treadmills under under £300 to high tech wonders with big screens featuring live workout classes, to keep you moving as part of your self-care routine.

How we chose the best treadmills

  • Price: I've tried to include options at various price points to fit into any budget - there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get fit at home even if you can't splash a lot of cash.
  • Size: We know that not everyone has a large home gym, so we've included more compact options, from treadmills that fold down for easy storage, to under-desk treadmills that you can use for a workout just about anywhere.
  • Verified ratings and reviews: While we haven't been able to personally test every treadmill on this list, we've trawled through hundreds of opinions, taking into consideration the good and the bad, and particularly the most balanced reviews. I'm only including treadmills that have earned consistently positive feedback from verified shoppers.
  • Brand reputation: There are some brands that have earned a huge fan base over the years because of quality and dependability, so we've taken special care to look for the latest and most popular options from those companies.
  1. 1/8

    Dripex Walking Pad Treadmill

    amazon under desk walking pad.

    Amazon Under Desk Walking Pad

    Editor's note

    “Say goodbye to hours on end sitting down when you WFH. This budget-friendly walking pad has a 2.5 HP motor, and fits underneath your desk so you can walk while you work. Win win.”

    The Rundown

    • Price: £159.99 (WAS £229.99) 
    • Size:121D x 48.5W x 12.5H 
    • Weight: 17.5 kg
    • Speed:1.0-6.0 KM/H 
    • Motor: 2.5 HP 
    • Screen: LED display

    Designed for daily use, this walking pad comes fully assembled and with a remote control and LED display to show your speed, distance, time, calories burned and steps. The running belt features eight silicone shock absorbers and a five-layer belt design for lower impact on your knees. Plus, it has a slim design and wheels for easy storage.

  2. 2/8

    Reebok Jet 300+ Folding Treadmill with Incline and Bluetooth

    Reebok Jet 300+ Folding Treadmil

    Reebok treadmill

    Editor's note

    "I purchased my Reebok Jet 300+ treadmill because I had initially opted for a much more expensive brand but realised I didn't need one with all the frills. I am only 5ft but my husband is 6ft 2in, so we needed a treadmill which would suit both of us and was big enough for his strides. It has a small screen on the display where you can connect to Netflix, Amazon prime and more subscription services. It's comfortable to run on, and can fold up and slide against the wall when you're not using it, to save space. I feel this is a great mid-range treadmill." 

    Hannah Hargrave, HELLO! Online Deputy US News Editor

    The rundown

    • Size H143.5, W86, D192cm / Size folded H163, W86, D124.5cm. 
    • Weight 87kg
    • Speed UP to 20kph. 
    • Elevation: Fixed 1% elevation; Variable 15% elevation, with 15 levels of incline
    • 46 user programmes
    • Connectivity: MP3, Bluetooth; built-in speakers
    • Display: Internet-abled TFT 10.1" touchscreen
    • Motor: 2.5hp 
    • Maximum user weight 140kg (22st)

    This powerhouse of a treadmill, with a Netflix-ready screen, five levels of power incline and 27 motivational pre-set workout modes, is more compact than you think - it folds down for easy storage.

  3. 3/8

    Lonsdale Treadmill

    best treadmill lonsdale

    Sports Direct treadmill

    Editor's note

    “If you’re looking for just the basics in a motorised treadmill, this Lonsdale model is a bargain at under £200, with one reviewer calling it ‘fantastic’ for the price.”

    The Rundown

    • Price: £199.99
    • Size:  122cm×62.5cm×119cm
    • Folded dimensions: 62×62.5×119cm
    • Motor: 0.75HP
    • Max Speed: 12km/h
    • Weight:  28kg
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 
    • Programmes:  16
    • Motor: 0.75HP
    • Screen: LCD monitor display

    Famed for boxing, Lonsdale has come out with a cool foldable treadmill that has such features as a built-in heart rate monitor and BMI checker. There are 16 workout programmes, and the treadmill is designed for users of all fitness levels.

  4. 4/8

    NordicTrack EXP 5i

     best treadmills nordictrack.

    NordicTrack treadmill

    Editor's Note

    “NordicTrack has an impressive roster of trainers including celebrity fitness guru Kayla Itsines. With the 30-day iFit trial that’s included you’ll be able to test out a whole host of workouts including the opportunity to have Expert iFIT Trainers control your incline and speed based on how you’re doing, stepping up the intensity when you’re ready.”

    The Rundown

    • Size: 180L x 87W x 152H cm
    • Folded Dimensions: 99L x 87W x 163H cm
    • Boxed Weight: 104kg 
    • Incline: 0% to 10% Incline
    • Speed: 0 – 16 KM/H Speed
    • Motor: 2.6 CHP  
    • Sound: Two 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers
    • Display; 5” High Contrast Multi-Colour Screen
    • 30-Day iFIT Trial Included

    From NordicTrack’s foundational treadmills series, this model features the brand’s signature SpaceSaver Design and EasyLift Assist, a 5” colour display with tablet shelf, digitally amplified speakers, hands-free automatic adjustments and access to trainer-led iFit Workouts.

  5. 5/8

    DOMYOS Comfortable Treadmill T520

    decathlon domyos best treadmills.

    Decathlon treadmill

    Editor's note

    "With thousands of reviews and an average 4.4-star rating, this treadmill is one of Decathlon's most popular. At under £500, it really has the essentials, and is a well-rounded starter treadmill."

    The Rundown

    • Price: £499.99
    • Size: L163 x W73 x H138 cm
    • Folded dimensions: L.98 x W73 x H146 cm
    • Weight: 62kg
    • Incline: up to 10% incline
    • Programmes: 10 pre-set programmes 
    • Speed: 13km/h and 
    • Motor:1.2 HP 
    • Display: LCD screen
    • Assembly required 

    One of Decathlon's highest-rated folding treadmills features all the basics - a display to give you a running count of your  time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate, as well as a built in tablet holder plus roller wheels for easy storage.

  6. 6/8

    Technogym Run

    best premium treadmills technogym run

    Technogym treadmill

    Editor's note

    “The Technogym Run comes recommended by the brands fitness expert James Stirling, who told us the HIIT optimised treadmill ‘offers a wider range of features to help you build strength, power and endurance. 

    The display monitor gives valuable feedback on your run, whilst also providing the ultimate running experience through guided workouts. The Bootcamp training feature is also an excellent and engaging way to incorporate strength focused workouts into your weekly schedule.’”

    The Rundown

    • Size: 1970 x 835 x 1750 mm 
    • Weight: 207 kg 
    • Speed: 0.2 - 25 km/h
    • Incline: 0% / + 15%
    • Motor: 7.78 hp
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi + LAN (opt.)
    • Sound: Integrated audio system power: 30W
    • Professional assembly included
    • No additional subscription required

    For a top-level HIIT workout, Technogym's premium Run treadmill has everything you need. This machine comes with hundreds of trainer-led workouts from running sessions and Bootcamp routines to outdoor trails.

  7. 7/8

    Homcom Electric Folding Treadmill Home Running Machine 500W

    best cheap treadmills homcom at very.

    Homcom treadmill

    Editor's note

    "This is a great option for first-time treadmill users and at just over £300 isn’t too much of an investment compared to other machines."

    The Rundown

    • Size: 122cm×62.5cm×119cm
    • Folding size:62×62.5×119cm
    • Weight: 28kg
    • Power: 500W (approximate 0.67HP)
    • Top Speed: 10 KM/H
    • Assembly required 
    • Display: LCD monitor

    The HOMCOM treadmill is great for beginners, with a top 10km/h speed and easy to read LCD display. It folds down in seconds and can be wheeled under your bed or into the closet with ease.

  8. 8/8

    Peloton Tread

    best treadmills peloton

    Peloton treadmill

    Editor's note

    "Peloton is one of the most iconic workout machine brands - and of course the cherry on top is that you can access live (and on-demand) classes taught by Peloton's famous motivation-boosting instructors. Note that you'll need a £39 a month All Access Membership to access the full library."

    The Rundown

    • Size: H157 x L173 x W84cm
    • Incline: 0-12%
    • Speed: Up to 20km/h
    • Audio: Built-in Front facing stereo speakers, rear facing woofers
    • Assembled on Delivery
    • Display: colour screen
    • Subscription Required 
    • Weight: 132kg

    If you’re looking for a full, immersive, connected full-body workout, the Peloton Tread may be the machine for you. You'll be guided through the treadmill's large colour screen by ‘world-class motivators’ that will take you through your choice of thousands of challenging workouts.

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