Adlon Kempinski, high class luxury in the heart of Berlin

Set in the Pariser Platz, at the head of the fabled boulevard of Unter den Linden, and alongside the great Brandenburg Gate itself, this historic five-star hotel is one of the emblems of the German capital. Its iconic image is almost as famous as the Gate and the Berlin Wall.

The former residence of nobles, the hotel has featured in numerous novels and non-fiction books as well as being the location for, and inspiration behind, films such as Garbo's Grand Hotel. In the early twentieth century it was one of the places to see and be seen, and attracted royalty, statesmen and artists including Marlene Dietrich and Charlie Chaplin.

It served as a hospital during the war and in 1945 suffered a major fire that ended – for a time – its illustrious story. Although the surviving part of the building was re-opened under the Adlon name, it was not the palatial hotel of the past, and the hotel was finally closed in the Seventies and later demolished. The reunification of Germany brought about its rebirth, with a new building based on the legendary original being raised on the same site. This has now had two annexes added, the Adlon Palais and the Adlon Residenz, and has welcomed such celebrities as Michael Jackson and Princess Diana.

The guiding policy of the new Adlon hotel is “honouring the past – shaping the future”, and traditional values of service are found in perfect harmony with state-of-the-art facilities. The ambience is reminiscent of a bygone age, with polished marble, rich furnishings and elegant lounges. The luxury suites are decorated with individuality and many offer grand views of the Brandenburg Gate.

There is also a marvellous Mediterranean-style spa that offers all sorts of health and beauty treatment, and the Lorenz Adlon, gourmet restaurant, which will satisfy even the most discerning diner with its comfort, style and service.

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