How to travel like the royal family

Get the lowdown on how the royals travel

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The royal family are no strangers to travel, with their official engagements taking senior royals to destinations including Australia, Canada and numerous European destinations in the last 12 months alone. And they have some strict rules to follow on their travels, which not only keep them safe but also help them to stay organised, a few of which we could take inspiration from ourselves!

Use monogrammed colour coded luggage:

With so much luggage in tow, it's no wonder the royals have had to develop a special system to ensure their cases all stay organised and nothing gets lost. Not only do they have monogrammed suitcases, the royal family are also said to have an organised luggage tag system with a different colour label for each family member, particularly important on a bigger tour when numerous family members are travelling. This is something that every family can easily implement on their own summer holidays, and it may help you spot your luggage on the carousel at the airport too.

The royals carry colour coded luggage

Two heirs shouldn't fly together:

Royal protocol states that two heirs to the throne shouldn't travel on the same flight together to protect the royal lineage. Heirs including Prince Charles and Prince William must still seek permission from the Queen to do so, and the monarch has previously allowed the Duke of Cambridge to travel on the same flights as both Prince George and Princess Charlotte on their royal tours of Canada, Poland and Germany.

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Use commercial airlines where possible:

While the royals often travel via private jets on their tours, they do still fly on commercial airlines on occasion. The Duchess of Cambridge has travelled via British Airways, while Prince William has previously been seen on a Ryanair flight, so who knows who you might spot next time you travel!

The royals have specific travel rules they follow

Immigration rules still apply:

Even members of the royal family can't forget their passports. Senior royals including Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry all have to adhere to customs and immigrations rules. The only person who is exempt is the Queen, who doesn't need a passport as they are all issued in the name of Her Majesty. However, the monarch does have to go through an identity check every time she travels, giving her full name, age, address, place of birth and nationality to immigration officials.

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Travel in style:

There are no tracksuits or leisurewear on long-haul royal travels! The royals always travel in style, with the Duchess of Cambridge known for being impeccably dressed whenever she travels on a royal tour.

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