Exclusive: James McVey reveals he's engaged to Kirstie Brittain - and Harry Redknapp had a part to play

A big congratulations to the happy couple!


I'm A Celebrity star James McVey reveals he is engaged to girlfriend Kirstie Brittain in an exclusive interview and photoshoot in this week's HELLO! magazine – and tells how he secretly took King of the Jungle Harry Redknapp along with him to buy the ring. The Vamps lead guitarist and vocalist proposed to Kirstie during a romantic weekend in the Lake District, where he presented her with a platinum and diamond cushion cut ring. "Harry said he knew a really good jeweller whenever I was ready to do it and I thought, I may as well just do it,"  says James of the proposal. James, 25, tells HELLO! how he arranged to meet Harry a few days after Christmas at Franses, a jeweller in Bournemouth, where James grew up and which is close to Harry’s home in Sandbanks, Dorset. "By the time Harry arrived I had already chosen the ring; as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. And Harry loved it too," he says.

A big congratulations to James McVey and his fiancée Kirstie 

James, who met model and environmental student Kirstie four years ago, explains how his time in the jungle convinced him to pop the question sooner rather than later. "I think when you’re in the jungle you have nothing to do but think and you really figure out the sort of person you are and the things that mean the most to you," he says. "I already knew I wanted to propose to Kirstie this year and I didn’t see why waiting six months would make any difference. I missed her so much when I was in the camp and I really struggled." 

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James and Kirstie spoke to HELLO! about their engagement 

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Kirstie, 23, tells how James surprised her by dropping down on one knee during a weekend break in the Lake District a few days into the New Year. "At first I said, 'what are you doing?' I thought he was holding a sock because he had the ring box at an odd angle," she laughs. "I kept saying, 'are you joking?' And he hadn’t actually asked me to marry him because he was crying." "I was crying," James admits. "She said, 'aren’t you going to ask me then?’ So I did." "And I said, 'yes, obviously'," Kirstie smiles.

To read the full story, pick up the latest copy of HELLO!, out on Monday 14 January 

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