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Carol McGiffin's, 63, rare marriage confessions with husband Mark, 42: Insecurities, family plans & more

From the Loose Women star's first date to her vow renewal thoughts

Carol McGiffin in white trousers and a black blazer with Mark Cassidy
Nichola Murphy
Deputy Lifestyle Editor
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Carol McGiffin doesn't hold back when she appears on Loose Women, with her refreshing honesty one of her most endearing qualities, which is why fans were surprised to learn that she had got married secretly.

The TV star, who was previously married to Chris Evans, eloped to Bancock with Mark Cassidy in February 2018 but didn't announce the news until the following year. Since then, she has shared a few rare comments about their marriage, from battling with her insecurities over their 22-year age gap to their thoughts about vow renewals. See Carol's relationship confessions…

First date

Carol McGiffin and Mark Cassidy having dinner at Giglamesh© Instagram
Carol and Mark had their first date at Giglamesh

The couple met at the Loose Women wrap party in August 2008, when Mark was 26 and Carol was 48. While little was known about the start of their relationship, Carol shed light on their first date as she celebrated the reopening of London restaurant, Gilgamesh.

"When it was in Camden we must have gone there over 100 times and were gutted when it closed in 2018. I have great memories of the place and it was where, after I met Mark in 2008, we had our first proper date and I’ve still got the receipt!" she wrote next to the Instagram photo.

Whirlwind engagement and secret wedding

Carol McGiffin's engagement and wedding rings© Getty
Carol got engaged months after meeting Mark

Despite getting engaged just months after their first date, it took them a decade before they tied the knot. They had originally planned to marry in January 2017 but were forced to cancel after Carol's sister sadly died a few days before.

"We re-booked it but then changed our minds because it still didn't feel right - it was too soon," she told Best magazine, adding: "Part of the reason it took us so long to get married was because every time we discussed having a traditional wedding day with guests, it ran out of control and became too much."

Carol in a bikini hugging her husband Mark next to the pool© Instagram
Carol and Mark got married secretly in Thailand in 2018

They settled on a very intimate ceremony in Bangkok without their friends and family in attendance, where Carol opted for a laid-back outfit including striped trousers and a denim jacket.

"No one knew we were going to do it, but we've basically spent the past year having separate celebrations with different friends and family, telling them all in person. Now they all know, we're ready for it to come out," she said.

Vow renewal

Despite having an unconventional wedding, Carol has admitted she does not desire a second chance at having a big white wedding with a large guest life. On the subject of renewing her vows, she told The Sun: "I don’t know why people do that. It’s so ridiculous."

She confessed: "We didn't really do it properly. We never would have done it otherwise."

Age-gap insecurities

Carol McGiffin in a polka dot blouse smiling with her husband Mark Cassidy© Getty
The Loose Women star has opened up about the age gap in her marriage

Carol admitted she finds people's opinions about the age gap in her relationship "difficult" but is determined not to let it ruin their connection.

"We've proved them all wrong. I'm not going to lie it does get difficult," she told Kate Thornton. Addressing the ageing process, she continued: "As you age - you know what it's like - things change. You notice things. When you get up you start creaking.

"It's really not a problem for him but every day I have to kind of think, 'Right it doesn't matter.'"

Despite confessing she did once question the future of their relationship, Carol explained that Mark has never been concerned. 

"Sometimes I think maybe I should just let him go. But of course, I'm not going to let him go. Also, he doesn't want to go anywhere, more to the point," she said.

Family plans

carol mcgiffin mark wedding
Carol and Mark discussed whether they wanted a family very early in their relationship

Their age difference goes hand in hand with questions about starting a family, but Carol said that was a topic they discussed at the start of their relationship.

"My friends think I’ll want a baby with Mark. No. Why would I want to ruin my life with a screaming baby? Motherhood is so alien to me," she said, and Mark was on the same page.

"We had that conversation when we first got together and he’s not interested either. Without a doubt it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had. He’s so easy to live with and very calming."

Separate bedrooms

carol mcgiffin home bedroom
The couple occasionally sleep separately

While Carol and Mark share a home in France, they don't always sleep in the same bedroom. Explaining the reason for their sleeping arrangements, Carol told The Sun: "Sometimes I snore a lot. I snore and Mark takes up too much room, so occasionally we would sleep in separate beds."

Addressing the stigma that this is an indication of marriage troubles, she added: "And I think a lot of people do it if they’ve got the room, but they just don’t like to admit it. And actually, if you want a good night’s sleep, it does help you to have your own bed."


It's normal for any couple to have disagreements in a relationship, but Carol insisted they have kept their fights to a minimum.

Gushing about her partner to The Mirror, she said: "It's like we've been living together ­forever. I love having him around and we hardly ever argue - we've had about three fights in two years."

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