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Gino D’Acampo hits back at online trolls in sweet video with daughter Mia

Gino joked around with little Mia about online trolls 

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Gino D'Acampo has hit back at online trolls who suggested that a snap of himself cuddling his daughter, Mia, was controversial back in November. The television chef has shared a new video of himself chatting to the seven-year-old about the surprising reaction the picture had, and asking her to send a message to the people who had a problem with the photo.  

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Posting on Instagram, he captioned the video: "Something to think about.......I wish you all a Happy New Year.....GD." In the clip, he says to his daughter: "Do you know, last time I put a picture of me and you in the bed having kisses and cuddles, a lot of people thought it was weird. I thought it was nice because we can do cuddling and I love you so much." After giving her a peck on the forehead, Mia asked: "Why did they think it was weird?" 

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Gino and Mia chatted about the controversy 

Gino replied: "I don't know. I think they're the weird ones. Nothing wrong with dad and daughter cuddling in bed, right? What message shall we give these people?" Mia then cheekily made a rude gesture to the camera, which seemed to genuinely surprise her dad, who gasped in shock before he burst out laughter, telling her: "Mummy's going to kill you!" 

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Fans were quick to agree with Gino and Mia, with one commenting: "Completely agree girl. Nothing wrong about cuddling your dad for as long as want, it’s precious moments you will never forget." Another added: "Hahahaha love her! Also nothing wrong at all, people are weird you're right!" Gino, 43, is known for being close to his family. He and wife Jessica Morrison share three children together, Mia, seven, Rocco,14, and Luciano, 17.

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