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Ruth Langsford reveals what's irritating her most about lockdown – and we can relate!

The This Morning star is struggling with her husband Eamonn Holmes…

ruth langsford irritated
Jenni McKnight
US Lifestyle Editor
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Ruth Langsford has been happily married to Eamonn Holmes since 2010 – but it appears the current lockdown is bringing up some unfortunate issues in their household. The This Morning presenter revealed on Tuesday's show that she is struggling to cope with some of the irritating habits Eamonn appears to have picked up whilst isolating at their home. Explaining that they are seeing far more of each other now than they have done previously, Ruth reeled off a list of what she finds most annoying about her darling husband ahead of a phone-in segment on whether the lockdown is making you unreasonable.

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Coming back after an ad break, Ruth explained that Tuesday's phone-in was specifically about "something your loved one is doing that's really irritating you to the point of madness". After Eamonn asked her whether he has done anything, Ruth didn't hold back with her answer, she said: "Well, you know I have issues hearing people eat? And because we're together a lot more and we're eating a lot more together I'm very aware of the chomping going on at our table."

Eamonn then questioned whether that was more of an issue for her, to which she replied: "It probably is because I have this misophonia thing so every little noise irritates me. Yesterday, I was over the other side of the kitchen, you were sitting down at the dining room table – I was miles away from you – and you were eating grapes. How can I hear you eating grapes from that distance unless you're chomping? There was noise, I turned around and said, 'what are you eating?' you said 'grapes' and I said, 'how can I hear you eating a grape from here?'"

ruth langsford irritated© Photo: Rex

Ruth Langsford reeled off a list of Eamonn's annoying habits

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Eamonn didn't seem too impressed with her criticism, jokily replying: "There's something wrong with you, seriously. It's not me, it's you." Ruth then decided to list what else she finds annoying about her husband, much to his shock. She added: "And you slurp tea, I've noticed. You slurp. People not making the bed, I've noticed that. Leaving me to air the bed. You can't do much around the house I've noticed these last few weeks, can you, really." To soften the blow of her sudden criticism, Ruth did have one nice thing to say about Eamonn. She said: "He does entertain me, you're very funny." At least that's one silver lining…

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