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Gracie McGraw shares heartache over recent political news

Birth control may become illegal in the US.

Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca LewisReporterLos Angeles
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Gracie McGraw has shared her heartache over the news that 96% of elected Republican representatives voted to make birth control illegal. 

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The budding Broadway star captioned her post "what the actual" and shared the pictures that revealed that 50 years on from people obtaining the right to get birth control on their own, regardless of marriage status, was coming close to being overturned.

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194 Republican representatives in the House voted "nay"; 220 Democrats and eight Republicans voted "yea". Griswold v Connecticut is the court case that was decided by the Supreme Court in 1965 and allowed married couples to buy and use contraception without government restriction.

Single women and people obtained the right in 1972.

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The daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw is an outspoken voice on social media and recently joked with fans that although she is looking for love, she doesn't always make the journey so easy on herself.

The singer took to Instagram on 19 July to celebrate one of her closest friends' birthdays, flooding her Instagram Stories with adorable photos of them through the years.


Gracie was shocked

But in one of the many photos she posted, the 25-year-old joked that she often refers to her friend as her girlfriend, and revealed that many people have taken her too seriously.

In the sweet picture of the two, she quoted her friend saying: "How are we supposed to find boyfriends if everyone thinks we're dating?" confessing that though she seems to have great companionship in her group of friends, she is in fact searching for a romantic partner as well. 

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