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The Super Bowl as told via Taylor Swift's best reactions: Delight, dismay and nail-biting distress

From distress to delight, Travis Kelce's girlfriend felt all the feels during the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift's best Super Bowl reactions
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Any Taylor Swift fans will know her reactions are second to none. She's not famed for her signature surprised face for nothing!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll be aware that the Midnightsvhitmaker attended the Super Bowl on Sunday night, supporting her Kansas City Chiefs lover Travis Kelce, and she delighted fans not only with her chic black outfit and close relationship with Travis' family, but with her dramatic reactions.

Taylor Swift looking shocked in 2011© Getty
Taylor is famed for her shocked face

Read on to relive the Super Bowl, as told by Taylor Swift's reactions.

The National Anthem

Celebs during the National Anthem© Getty

Taylor, Blake and Travis' brother Jason Kelce looked emotional as they sang the national anthem ahead of the game.

Support from her besties

Rapper Ice Spice, singer Taylor Swift and actress Blake Lively prior to Super Bowl© Getty

Taylor was joined in Travis Kelce's box by various pals including Blake Lively, Ice Spice and Lana Del Rey. During the tense match, Blake and Taylor shared a hug in the stands, providing sisterly support to one another.  

Utter glee

Blake and Taylor laughing at the super bowl© Getty

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Jumping for joy

Taylor and Blake Lively jumping for joy© Getty

Head in hands

Taylor Swift head in hands super bowl© Getty

At one point, Taylor appeared to pray, putting her hands in her hands amid a particularly tense moment.

Nail biting stress

Taylor Swift biting her nails© Getty

Taylor nibbled on her nails during a tense moment. Eagle-eyed fans spotted her white nails, assuming they were a nod to her next album, The Tortured Poet's Department.

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Taylor's trademark shocked face

Taylor looked shocked during the Super Bowl© Getty

It wouldn't be a Taylor appearance without a few glimpses of her ultra-surprised facial expression

Shocked Taylor part 2

Taylor Swift watching the super bowl© Getty

Shocked Taylor part 3

Taylor Swift and friends watching the Super Bowl© Getty

Loved-up delight

Taylor and Travis cuddling© Getty

Following his big win, Travis was quick to cuddle up to Taylor, putting a protective arm around his grinning girl as they made their way off the pitch.

Romcom worthy kisses

Taylor and Travis kissing© Getty

Surrounded by countless cameras and screaming fans, Taylor and Travis managed to have a moment just for them, kissing in the equivalent of a crowded room…

A caring embrace

Taylor and Travis kissing© Getty

It looked like Taylor and Travis thought they were the only ones there as she lovingly held his face amid thousands of people.

Taylor's surprised face - again!

Taylor shocked face© Getty

The Anti-Hero icon pulled out her famous shocked face post-game. She's spoken about it in the past, saying: "People make so much fun of me for that. "I try to be [blasé] sometimes, but it's hard when you get excited about stuff."

We can't wait to see Taylor and Travis' next public outing - we wonder if they have Valentine's Day plans...

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