Scandi-chic technology to create a minimalist interior at home

In association with Samsung

Samsung's premium and contemporary products are taking mobile accessories to a new level of style.

If there's one thing HELLO! knows about, it's interiors. So when a new product comes along that is so sleek, chic and effortlessly cool that it would look at home in any of our celebrity's minimalist, interior-designed homes, we get rather excited.

Let us introduce you to Samsung's new premium range of stunning mobile accessories. These unique, Scandinavian-inspired products are so stylish, we can imagine them in any one of our exclusive 'At Home' photoshoots. Inspired by the gentle and minimal shapes of modern home wares, these delicate accessories add the perfect finishing touch to any interior.

And not only do they look beautiful, their clever design features mean that each item has a plethora of uses. Whether it doubles up to provide on-trend, atmospheric lighting, or acts as a kick stand to support your phone in the perfect viewing position, each accessory is sure to impress and delight.


Thanks to some innovative Swedish design ideas, you can now charge and listen to your mobile device using products that effortlessly compliment your living space. Say goodbye to your previously functional but cluttered tech gadgets once for all, and hello to clean, refined and harmonious minimalist living.

Here's HELLO!'s pick of the coolest products in this exciting new range:


Scoop Speaker

RRP: £39.00

Those in need of a quirky wireless mini speaker need look no further. With its compact and circular design that fits in the palm of your hand, the Scoop Speaker uses Bluetooth to stream music with ease. Store, carry and hang it up with ease – you can even tie it onto your backpack or bag! Not to be judged by its size, the compact speaker provides crisp, clear and rich sound quality whilst also doubling up as a speaker phone and has an incredible nine-hour playtime.


Bottle Speaker (with lantern)

RRP: £64.00

This chic, Bluetooth speaker perfectly blends sound and light to create a cosy atmosphere at home. Not only does it fill your room with sound, it also radiates different coloured lights that can change as you 'pour' the bottle design. And what's more, the handy sleep timer will ensure you get the perfect night's sleep by gently adjusting the light level as you drift off.


Flat Wireless Charger Tray

RRP: £49.00

This tray may look simple but allows you to charge up to three devices at once! It's a seamless interior piece that will keep your surfaces beautifully minimal.


The Evo Charger

RRP: £24.00

With contemporary rounded edges and delicate pastel hues, the Evo Charger is a must-have for the fashion-conscious. Adaptable to all environments, it will keep your phone charged both while you're at home and when you're on the move. When used with the Kickstand Cable, your phone can be propped up, making it easy to watch videos or look at photos, all whilst still charging. Go one step further and purchase the LED lighting cap, turning your charger into a mini lantern that can fill your surroundings with comfortable, ambient lighting.

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