Janette Manrara eats this fruit with every meal – including pasta

The Strictly star goes bananas for this fruit (sorry, we had to!)

Nichola Murphy

Janette Manrara has seemingly boundless amounts of energy when she hits the dance floor on Strictly Come Dancing, and that could be down to her balanced daily diet – which includes a lot of one particular fruit.

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The professional dancer, who is married to fellow Strictly star Aljaz Škorjanec, left her Instagram followers surprised after sharing her nutrition tips in a new video. 

Janette confessed her love of bananas, which sounds like a very healthy eating habit, right? Except she pairs it with lots of savoury foods.

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"I know it sounds weird but I kind of have a banana with everything," she said. "One of my favourite things in the world, and you're all going to be shocked, is to have a banana with spaghetti."

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Not your usual dinner recipe – and we can't help but wonder if Aljaz follows his wife's lead! The 37-year-old continued by suggesting her Cuban heritage could have influenced her food choices. 


The Strictly star revealed she loves to pair bananas with savoury foods like pasta

"I love bananas with chicken and rice. It's just a Cuban side dish that's normally made with fried plantain, but as a kid growing up, if we didn't have the fried plantains my mum would just give me a banana."

Janette also revealed she loves to snack on bananas with peanut butter and often whips up healthy oatmeal banana pancakes for lunch.

Some shocked fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts on her diet, with one stating: "What the hell!! Banana with spaghetti." Another, meanwhile, was keen to take inspiration from Janette, adding: "I'm gonna try spaghetti and banana."


Janette grew up eating lots of bananas

Regardless of how you eat them, Janette – who is studying wellbeing – told her fans that they have lots of health benefits. These include being high in iron, high in vitamin B and low in salt which can help prevent anaemia, heartburn, high blood pressure and depression.

When she's not squeezing bananas into every dish, Janette revealed she loves to snack on a few unhealthy foods, too. Among them is Doritos cool ranch, which she said she devours every day while she's on tour.

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