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Courteney Cox, 59, showcases her incredible figure in skimpy purple bikini

The Friends alum attributes her svelte figure to a disciplined morning routine  

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Faye James
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Courteney Cox has once again delighted her fans with a glimpse into her life off-screen. The 59-year-old star graced her Instagram followers with a series of snapshots and videos, affectionately termed a 'photo dump,' showcasing not only her playful spirit but also her impressively maintained fitness regime.

Tucked at the end of this visual journey was a video that captured the age-defying actress in a moment of vibrant self-care. 

The Friends alum appeared in a striking purple string bikini that highlighted her enviable physique. 

With a flat tummy, sculpted arms, and toned legs, the actress exuded strength and wellness. The short clip

Courteney Cox showcases her incredible figure in skimpy purple bikini

As someone on the cusp of 60, Courteney's dedication to her health and fitness is apparent. The Alabama-born actress attributes her svelte figure to a disciplined morning routine that includes a nutrient-packed veggie shake, featuring ingredients like cucumbers and spinach. 

Her culinary preferences lean towards homemade meals, emphasizing lean proteins and vegetables, with turkey burgers as a favored alternative to traditional beef.

Courteney with David Beckham in an ice bath
Courteney with David Beckham in an ice bath

Beyond her diet, Courteney embraces a holistic approach to wellness. She incorporates vitamins into her regimen, engages in power walks to stay active, and maintains a consistent gym schedule. 

Her commitment to self-care is an integral part of her lifestyle, contributing to her youthful appearance and vitality.

Courteney sitting on grass with dog© Instagram
Courteney's backyard is so leafy

In a light-hearted turn, Courteney marked National Dress Up Your Pet Day by adorning her two small dogs, Lily and Bear, in whimsical outfits. 

She shared the adorable tableau with her nearly 15 million Instagram followers, humorously suggesting that her canine companions were enthusiasts of the holiday. 

The footage showcased one dog donning a plaid newsboy cap and round eyeglasses, while the other was transformed into an "old lady" complete with a pink dress, glasses, and a curly gray wig.

The endearing scene unfolded in Courteney's expansive outdoor area, where she interacted with Lily and Bear on their level, literally getting down on the ground to play. 

courteney cox pool
Courteney has a great health and fitness routine

The accompanying soundtrack of Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence lent a nostalgic air to the post, which has since amassed over 144,000 likes.

Fans delighted in the playful content, with one drawing a humorous connection to Courteney's famously tidy Friends character, quipping about Monica's aversion to pets dressed as humans. 

This comment, adorned with a crying laughing emoji, resonated with thousands, underscoring the enduring affection for Courteney's roles, past and present.

Recently, Courteney engaged her audience with another dose of humor, this time self-deprecatingly focusing on her character's notoriously short bangs from the original Scream film. In a creative video, she playfully balked at a friend's sweatshirt featuring an image of Gale Weathers with the infamous fringe, exclaiming the look to be "ridiculous" and "embarrassing."

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