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Nicole Kidman's niece Lucia Hawley wows in latest swimsuit photo

Lucia is following in her aunt Nicole’s footsteps

Nicole Kidman's niece Lucia Hawley wows in latest swimsuit photo
Faye James
Senior Editor
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Nicole Kidman's niece, Lucia Hawley, 25, recently dazzled fans with her stunning appearance in a swimsuit, featured in a new Instagram post by Nicole's sister, Antonia. 

Accompanying the image, Antonia highlighted Lucia's latest endeavor, a weekly newsletter titled ‘Say It Anyway,’ praising her daughter's latest article which chronicles her global adventures.

"I’m jealous of her travels around the world," Antonia shared, showcasing both pride and a hint of envy towards her daughter's experiences. 

Nicole Kidman's niece stuns in swimsuit© Instagram
Nicole Kidman's niece stuns in swimsuit

This rare glimpse into Lucia's life follows the celebration of her 25th birthday last October, where Antonia shared a heartfelt moment between the two, capturing the essence of the family's close-knit bond during the special occasion.

Lucia, who is making her mark as a budding TV presenter, found herself at the center of engagement rumors last year. 

Lucia celebrates her 25th birthday with family© Instagram
Lucia celebrates her 25th birthday with family

Her appearance at Channel Seven's Upfronts, adorned with a conspicuous ring, fueled speculation. However, Lucia has maintained a low profile regarding her personal life, despite her emerging presence in the television industry.

It wasn't until recently that Lucia openly shared details about her relationship with Henry Poole, her boyfriend of three years. 

Lucia at home with family© Instagram
Lucia at home with family

The couple's journey, from their initial meeting at a mutual friend's birthday party to navigating life's milestones together, underscores their deep connection. "It makes you really feel like a team," Lucia reflected on their shared experiences, from university graduation to tackling new career challenges amidst the pandemic.

Lucia's ascent in the media landscape gained momentum with her engagement with Chic Talent management and her role as a red carpet reporter for the E! network's Live From E!. 

Lucia Hawley is a budding TV presenter© Don Arnold
Lucia Hawley is a budding TV presenter

Tasked with covering Australia's most glamorous events, Lucia is poised to interview celebrities and spotlight fashion highlights, leveraging her passion and dedication to carve out her niche in journalism.

Despite suggestions that her familial ties have paved her path, Lucia asserts that her achievements are the result of her own perseverance and ambition. 

Drawing inspiration from her mother, Antonia, a seasoned TV presenter, Lucia acknowledges the invaluable perspective gained from her family's experiences in the industry. As she steps into her dream job, Lucia Hawley is determined to make her mark on her own merits, driven by a commitment to excellence and a deep-seated passion for storytelling.

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