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10 most dramatic celebrity style transformations: Adele's rara skirts to Ariana Grande's Disney days

It's been a journey from the puffball dresses and ballet flats of the noughties

Celebrity Style transformations
Georgia Brown
Senior Lifestyle & Fashion Writer
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Honing one's personal style is not an easy craft, and is often one that takes a lifetime to perfect. Thanks to the help of expert stylists, this process is a lot quicker for the A-listers of the fashion world - though that doesn't mean they haven't had some eye-sore sartorial moments in the years they've been in the spotlight. 

From Victoria Beckham's racy Spice Girl days to Lady Gaga's horrifying flesh dress and Anne Hathway's skirt-over-jeans moments, even the world's most recognised faces have had questionable style eras.

Harry Styles was but an average teenager before his everlasting love affair with Gucci, while Adele's unmistakable elegance was once preceded by rara skirts and ballet flats.

Here, discover some of the most dramatic celebrity style transformations.

Harry Styles style transformation© Getty

Harry Styles

Harry Styles' days working in a bakery in Holmes Chapel couldn't be further from his Grammy Award-winning career today - and just as his music career flourished, so did his sartorial identity. 

At 16, the One Direction star made his debut on the X Factor stage wearing grey jeans, a long-line cardigan and a scoop-neck tee with a thin scarf. In 2020, he graced the cover of British Vogue in a periwinkle-blue dress designed by Gucci's Alessandro Michele. Quite the journey.

From tulle dresses to flamboyant suits, tweed and tartan to rhinestone-studded dungarees, the Late Night Talking hitmaker is hailed for his gender fluid dressing and non-conforming fashion looks. 

Victoria Beckham style transformation© Getty

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has lived through - and influenced - many fashion eras. In the 1990s, when the Spice Girls emerged on the scene, Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham was a mini-skirt wearing, slogan T-shirt clad pop icon. 

Yet since entering her fashion designer era, Mrs Beckham is now an emblem of sartorial sophistication, epitomising luxury and immaculately cut tailoring as she toys with power suits, draped fabrics and sheer silhouette-skimming dresses. 

Speaking of her fashion evolution, VB  told The Guardian: "I used to wear lots of structured dresses with corsetry, and I do still have some of those dresses, but my personal style has become more relaxed. Looking back, I guess it was a sign of insecurity that I would always wear clothes that were very tight, very fitted."

Ariana Grande style transformation© Getty

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has become somewhat of a style chameleon in the years since her Nickelodeon heyday. 

The Victorious star developed a signature aesthetic in the 2010s defined by her sky-high ponytails, babydoll dresses and oversized sweaters. 

In 2020, the yes, and? hitmaker hired stylist Mimi Cuttrell - who dramatically changed Ariana's overall look. While the slick back ponytail remained, sophisticated satins, elegant dresses and monochromatic dressing replaced her former high school-inspired look.

Rihanna style transformation© Getty


In her earliest days in the music industry, Barbados-born beauty Rihanna was the epitome of noughties It-girl style. Ultra-low slung jeans, butterfly-shaped crop tops, hair braids and Converse sneakers, RiRi was a walking Bratz doll in her Umbrella era. 

Fast forward to 2024, the now mom-of-two's inimitable style often lands her on the best-dressed list at red carpet events. Avante garde dressing is Rihanna's middle name, with nothing deemed too outlandish for the pop icon who once wore a duvet dress to the Met Gala. 

Adele style transformation© Getty


British music legend Adele looked like any other Tottenham girl when she first became a star, with rara skirts and opaque black tights with ballet flats her go-to red carpet look in the noughties. Chic.

Now, with everyone from Schiaparelli to Louis Vuitton, Versace and Vivienne Westwood on her side, Adele's love for a classic silhouette and penchant for black dresses has bloomed her into a glittering sartorial diamond. 

Sam Smith style transformation© Getty

Sam Smith

After being in the music industry for more than a decade, your sartorial identity is undoubtedly going to shift. That couldn't be more true for Sam Smith, who was rarely seen in anything other than a crisp, tailored power suit with a high-shine quiff haircut following the release of their first album. 

Now, Sam is a purveyor of provocative splendour, toying with latex, experimenting with avant garde silhouettes and having a ball with outlandish fashion looks. 

Lady Gaga style transformation© Getty

Lady Gaga

No artist has reinvented themselves quite like Lady Gaga. It has been over a decade since the Oscar winner stepped out in a dress made from raw meat, and yet the image is still permeated in our minds like it was yesterday. 

In recent years, Gaga has taken a step away from her alien-inspired, politically charged, performance art outfits and leaned more into old-school Hollywood glamour as her acting career continues to bloom. 

Zendaya style transformation


Zendaya never walked a red carpet she didn't dominate with her fierce looks and jaw-dropping exploration of sartorial boundaries. 

In her Disney days, Zendaya was just like any other teen, layering with oversized beads and puffball dresses. Ever since her collaboration with stylist Law Roach, however, the Dune actress has reached a new level of sublime when it comes to her personal style. 

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's style transformation echoes her much-loved character, Andrea Sachs, in The Devil Wears Prada

In the 2000s, Anne could be seen walking red carpets in unsightly dresses layered over jeans (we've all been there) but now, the actress' timeless style oozes quiet luxury and timeless elegance.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a bona fide fashion icon, though the reality star has come a long way since she first emerged on the party circuit as Paris Hilton's BFF. 

Back in the 2010s, Kim wore what any other It-girl wore, layered dresses, printed leggings, chunky pearls and a sweeping side fridge that could give baby Justin Bieber a run for his money. 

Her ex-husband Kanye West has an undeniable influence on her style transformation, however, giving Kim the leg up she needed (thanks to his industry connections) to become the sartorial maven she is today.

From LA cool girl to Balenciaga babe, Kim Kardashian has more than earned her fashion stripes.  

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