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Find out how The Queen inspired this Star Wars costume

Carrie Fisher's costume was inspired by the monarch

Carrie Fisher venice film festival

Star Wars: The Last Jedi costumer designer Michael Kaplan drew inspiration from Queen Elizabeth II for Carrie Fisher's Leia Organa look. Kaplan was tasked with giving the iconic character a bold new look for the film, and turned to The Queen for ideas. With the guidance of director Rian Johnson, he developed a regal and commanding wardrobe for the beloved character.

"Rian wanted her to look more regal... and more like a princess," Kaplan tells Fashionista. "So I thought capes were good, especially when she's in the cave and on the battlefield. There are pictures of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a military cape that inspired me." He also sought out new accessories that would distinguish her style from previous installments of the hit franchise. "We made all the jewellery," he says. "She's wearing one ring from Episode VII, but the rest of the jewellery is all new for Episode VIII."

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Carrie Fisher's Star Wars: The Last Jedi costume was inspired by the Queen

Kaplan and the visionaries behind the sci-fi blockbuster wanted to ensure there were menacing elements to Leia's look too, but wanted her presence to have a feminine feel. He adds, "I wanted her to look as beautiful and regal as possible and I think the shape of the cloak she's wearing is very Star Wars, but very elegant, as well." Kaplan believes Leia's thoughtfully crafted look plays a crucial role in one of the film's most touching moments.

"She has two costumes that are somewhat similar because they're both capes." he explains. "Toward the end of the film, there's a beautiful shot of her looking above the cape, with just her eyes, with the the collar spiraling around her head and face. It's a beautiful moment." Fisher died a year ago after wrapping her role in the latest Star Wars movie, which is dedicated to her.

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