The Queen arrives in Balmoral and gives us a lesson on how to match in style

Royal fashion tips...

Laura Sutcliffe,

Everyone knows, Her Majesty the Queen always looks totally immaculate - with not so much as a hair out of place when she's on official engagements. Her outfits are perfectly pressed and preened and always match. On Tuesday, the mother-of-four headed to an inspection of the Balaklava Company at the gates at Balmoral, ahead of her summer residence at the castle. Wearing a stunning pastel blue skirt and blazer with a matching hat, HRH met Regimental mascot Cpl Cruachan IV, as well as Pony Major Mark Wilkinson with music by the Pipes and drums 4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland. We loved how she amped up her look with black accessories too - her black Launer London handbag and of course, her black horse-bit loafers. If you look closely, you will also see the piping on the jacket is black, as are the buttons. And, she is even wearing a pair of black gloves!


Now THAT is how you match in style!

Speaking of gloves, HELLO had a chat with the Queen's personal glove makers, luxury fashion house Cornelia James, who lifted the lid on why the monarch sticks so rigidly to this personal style rule. 

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"You never see her without her hat, her handbag or her gloves" Genevieve James, Design Director of Cornelia James reveals. "Nobody apart from the queen wears gloves all the time and this is simply because she likes to, and of course, she's the queen! They are part of her integral style and she's iconic. Also, she wears gloves because she's shaking a lot of hands. I think they protect her hands. Primarily, she wears gloves because it's her style. I can guarantee whenever she's out and about, she's always got one pair in her handbag as well in case she loses them."

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