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Meghan Markle's $262K worth of sentimental rings she wore in Canada unveiled

Experts have shed light on the significance and value of these three pieces

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attend day one of the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistlers 2025's One Year To Go Winter Training Camp
Faye James
Senior Editor
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently journeyed to British Columbia, immersing themselves in the stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of the region. 

From the verdant expanses of Vancouver Island to the quaint coastal communities, the couple indulged in both adventure and tranquility, a testament to their appreciation of nature's splendor and local traditions.

Amidst their explorations, Meghan's engagement ring, a piece often missing in recent appearances, once again captured attention.

Alongside this cherished emblem of their commitment, Meghan wore two other rings of profound sentimental value, sparking curiosity and admiration.

Experts from UK retailer Steven Stone have shed light on the significance and value of these three pieces of jewelry, each symbolizing milestones and personal stories in the couple's life.

Meghan wore three sentimental rings during her trip to Canada© Karwai Tang
Meghan wore three sentimental rings during her trip to Canada

Eternity Ring - Value: $100,000

Meghan's eternity ring, first seen at the 2019 Trooping the Colour, has since been a subject of fascination. 

A gift from Prince Harry to commemorate their first wedding anniversary, this ring is more than a mere adornment. 

It uniquely celebrates their family, with conflict-free diamonds and the birthstones of Meghan, Archie, and Harry—olive green peridot, green emerald, and blue sapphire, respectively—embedded discreetly on its underside. 

These stones are not just decorative but are imbued with symbolism: sapphires for protection, peridots for empowerment, and emeralds for renewal and love, reflecting the deep connections within their family.

Meghan's three rings can be seen here© Karwai Tang
Meghan's three rings can be seen here

Engagement Ring - Estimated Value: $150,000

The engagement ring, with which Prince Harry proposed in 2017, holds a narrative enriched by history and personal significance. 

Originally featuring a yellow gold band, Meghan later refined it to include a diamond-studded band. Harry personally designed the ring, centering it with a cushion-cut diamond from Botswana—a country dear to the couple and known for its ethical diamond mining practices. 

This centerpiece, a 3-carat stone of exceptional quality, is flanked by two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana's collection, further enhancing its sentimental and monetary value.

Meghan's engagement band© Getty
Meghan's engagement band

Wedding Band - Estimated Value: $12,700

Harry presented Meghan with a wedding band made of Welsh gold, a royal tradition initiated by the Queen Mother in 1923 and a gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II. Crafted by Cleave & Company, the same jeweler responsible for Meghan's engagement ring, this band symbolizes the continuity of royal customs and the couple's commitment to each other.

Gifted to her by Prince Harry to mark their first wedding anniversary, Meghan’s diamond eternity ring exudes glamour with its inclusion of peridot, emerald, and sapphire stones – representing the birthstones of Meghan, Harry, and Archie,” says Maxwell Stone. 

“The sentimental significance of incorporating their family’s birthstones makes it a cherished choice from Prince Harry. Given its exquisite design and sentimental value, I would estimate it to be worth around £80,000,” he adds. 

Meghan with her wedding and engagement band© Getty
Meghan with her wedding and engagement band

“In 2017, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan with a stunning three-stone engagement ring, adorned with diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection. Meghan later made alterations to the ring, replacing the yellow gold band with a delicate diamond pave band. 

“Custom-designed by Prince Harry, the ring features a center cushion-cut diamond sourced from Botswana, a place of significance to the couple. Taking into account that the 3 to 4 carat centre stone is extremely high quality with incredible colour and clarity, I’d estimate the ring to be worth £120,000.

“Worth £10,000, Meghan’s wedding band was made of Welsh gold gifted by the late Queen Elizabeth II – a traditional choice for royal weddings, symbolising purity and longevity in marriage. The three sentimental rings are worth a total of £210,000."

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