EastEnders spoilers: Death of much-loved character rocks Albert Square

Your weekly spoilers from Monday 11 February to Friday 15 February

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders fans will be joining the residents of Walford in mourning next week when the much-loved Dr Legg passes away in heartbreaking scenes with Dot Cotton. Elsewhere, Jack Branning will find himself in a tricky situation when Mel Owen finally tells him the truth about Ray Kelly. But will Jack tell the police that Hunter Owen was responsible, or help the pair cover up their crime? The Slaters family prepares for Hayley's return from the hospital, and everything gets too much for Jean, who breaks down after a night out with Shirley doesn’t go to plan, causing Shirley to realise that she's hiding something.

Monday 11 February – Jean Slater is worried after a visit to the doctors

The Slater family prepare for Hayley's return, while Jean is worried after a trip to the doctors reveals that she will need further tests. However, Jean hides the news from Stacey, bottling in her worries. Elsewhere, Hunter Owen apologises to Louise and takes her on a shopping trip to make things up to her, after finding a stash of Ray's money. However, the day doesn’t end well when Mel is informed by Billy that the police have been looking for them, and when Hunter brings Louise home, their fears are confirmed when they hear on the radio that a body has been found in the woods. Also in Albert Square, Masood invites Kathy to go with him to Australia to attend Tamwar and Nancy's wedding.


Jean Slater gets some worrying news

Tuesday 12 February – Mel Owen is forced to tell Jack Branning the truth

Jack is suspicious when he spots Mel being taken to the police for questioning, but when he tries to find out, Hunter tells him to back off. In desperate measures, Mel uses Jack as an alibi for her whereabouts on the night of Ray's murder, but Jack is caught off guard when later questioned himself. Jack then confronts Mel, demanding to know the truth, forcing her to come clean. Jack advises Mel to tell the police the truth, but she has other ideas…Elsewhere, Shirley senses that something is up with Jean, and tricks her into gate-crashing a hen party. However, Jean struggles to enjoy herself, and things get too much. She soon snaps at Shirley and storms off, before breaking down outside the club. Kathy, meanwhile, is surprised by Masood's offer – they should move to Australia for good.

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Mel Owen confesses to Jack

Thursday 14 February – Mel Owen and Hunter try to run away

Mel and Hunter prepare to leave Walford with the help of Jack, but are alarmed when they realise that the police are following them. Elsewhere, the Slaters prepare for Valentine's Day, and Mo, Jean and Kat get ready for a night out at the E20. However, Jean soon gets upset when she realises that Shirley told Mo about what happened the day before. Elsewhere, Sonia breaks the news to Dot that Dr Legg doesn’t want to return home for his final weeks, and Dot does her best to persuade him otherwise when she visits him in hospital. But will he change his mind after Stuart is enlisted to help?

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Dot Cotton persuades Dr Legg to come home in his final days

Friday 15 February – Dr Legg passes away

Sonia prepares to take Dr Legg back home and she's touched when he shows her a treasured possession. Dot is preparing for Dr Legg's arrival in the Square, but when he arrives, everyone realises just how frail he is. Knowing that he is near the end of his life, Bex gets emotional, and is comforted by Sonia. Dot and Dr Legg share a touching moment together as they look back at memories, before Dr Legg passes away.

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