5 questions we have after Line of Duty season five episode five

How is the finale going to wrap this all up?!

The noose tightened around Superintendent Ted Hastings on Sunday night's episode of Line of Duty, as the head of AC-12 was arrested on conspiracy to murder by the new boss in town, DCS Patricia Carmichael. Although we viewers have grown increasingly suspicious of Ted throughout season five of the hit police procedural drama, we still don't want to believe that he is behind it all! Here are the six burning questions we had after season five episode five…

Did Ted really commit conspiracy to murder?

For saying he is usually quite the zealot when it comes to rules, Ted Hastings certainly broke a few by his actions while trying to bring down John Corbett and destroy the OCG. Among other things, he visited a member of the criminal operation in prison, without a recording or another officer present, who then apparently tipped off the OCG that John was an undercover officer. Of course, if Ted told him then the charge of 'conspiracy to commit murder' would be right on the money – but is that really what he and Lee discussed during his visit, or did Lee get the information another way? Or alternatively, it wasn't Lee OR Hastings that had anything to do with the tip off, and Lisa was lying to cover for someone else.

Is Ted really 'H'?

We've seen Ted get up to a lot of mischief over the last few episodes, and indeed, seeds of doubt about his integrity were planted back in season four after he shot a 'balaclava man' and appeared to look suspiciously on at Kate and Steve as they got to work on getting to the root of who 'H' really is. In season five, Ted has a lot to raise eyebrows about – most notably having his computer hard driver destroyed and misspelling 'definitely' - but is it all a ted herring?!

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What is OCG member Lisa hiding?

Although Lisa appears to be a criminal, and very much the brains behind the OCG, we also see her have moments of extreme fear and doubt. Among other things, she walks away in shocked tears after John Corbett is murdered, and has a panic attack in the bathroom in the opening episode before doing a shady deal with criminals. Is there more to her than being a criminal, or are her doubts simply to throw us off the fact that she is a hardened baddie?

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Who is the REAL 'H'?

If, as we suspect, the show's creator Jed Mercurio is leading us down the wrong path, and AC-3 indeed have the wrong man by arresting Hastings – then who is the real 'H'? There are still plenty of options as to who is behind the whole operation, and Kate and Steve still have a wall of suspects, but is one of them really behind it, or is it another officer entirely? Is it Kate? Is it Steve? It could just be us, the viewers, at this point!

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What's the deal with Mark Moffatt?

A damning bit of evidence concerning whether Ted Hastings is corrupt was a large wad of cash found in his hotel room, which was given to him by retired officer Mark Moffatt. Moffatt is the same man who suggested that he invest in the scheme that previously lost him his life savings, and previously gave Ted the package telling him it was new information – so we at least know Ted is telling the truth about that. However, why would Mark hand that to him? Does HE know something about the real 'H' and is deliberately setting Mark up?

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